Viewing 50 posts – 1 through 50 of 61 total. Favorite line he said to me: Your tapes were a major part of my childhood. I really liked those baruch tapes. November 30, 5:

shmuel kunda

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I got a great report shmule from Rabbi Lomnitz, I got a great report card from Mrs. November 29, January 5, 9: October 17, 6: Baby — what baby?!

shmuel kunda

October 19, November 28, 9: August 14, 4: Why not have a favorite line from every category? November 30, November 29, 8: October 17, 8: November 30, 6: And since when do I take orders from a fish????

November 30, 4: Anyone know which album this song shmudl on?

One Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi. You must be logged in to reply to this topic. Well with an invitation like that how could I refuse?


shmuel kunda

In this time we forgot all the lines. Since when do I take orders from a fish.

Yekke Mitt a Gartel Member. How many times a night can a 2 year old get thirsty?! Favorite line from a Shabbos Afternoon August 26th story at the steps of the Camp Naarim dining room:.

Why limit it to our favorite lines from his tapes?

Rabbi Shmuel Kunda 1 –

I think The Royal Rescue. January 5, 6: October 17, 1: Continue with the episode!

shmuel kunda

My name is Mista Osbourne. The head works better when the stomach is full. August 16, 5: When the boy traveled with hes zeidy to Israel, on the plane the boy tried pulling the seat belt and hears an old man from behind him: January 5, 4: November 29, 1: I just feel like we can wait until the man is buried before his death becomes a reason to tell jokes.