Later that day he goes to an older friends house Mr. Cooper and Rolin dug up the body and they found out that Tuttle was lying and that it wasnt really a body it was just pure sand bags and sand in the sack. Then he buys Korie the necklace and she freaks. This book is about a boy named Roylin Bailey who meets a girl in school and falls in love with her. The books plot reads like a mini-soap opera drama, with Roylin falling for a money hungry girl and accidentally killing his long-time elderly friend over the course of a few pages. She just got the necklace then like forgot about Roylin for the rest of the time.

Since his father is in jail for abusing hitting her Roylin’s mother, he has to be the dad of …more Roylin’s home is somewhat like a very low middle class. This book is really good. Roylin is the main character in the book he have a hard life like he have to work to help his mom but at school he meet a girl name korie and she the new girl at school and he like something about her he just dont know what it is so they start dating and he buy her a necklace for her birthday and after that they break up and after all of that a man name tuttle say he kill mr. As the plot develops, he learns to see himself as a very powerful person and sees others as complicated individuals that are trying to bring him down. Miller in the basement. At first I did think Roylin the main character killed Mr. Then he sees Korie kissing with Steve Morris, and he knows that he made a big mistake.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: On the first day of school he meets a new girl named Korie, and he likes her, so he decides to buy her an expensive necklace. Oct 13, Deandre Kn rated it liked it. They waited for Tuttle to know everything about Mr.

At first I did think Roylin the main character killed Mr. Secrets in the Shadows is a young adult novel focusing on Roylin Bailey who is coming of problems in a society where people are using him for his money.


For some reasons, at the middle of the book I wanted to quit reading because It was very sad and Secretx didn’t want to keep on reading it. Trivia About Secrets in the Sh First he steals money from a dear old friend, and then he finds out that he caused that friend to have a heart attack and die. Summer Of Secrets Paul Langan And with tuttle framing him with murder, his life is stressful enough.

The day after the janitor named Tuttle told Roylin that Mr. Miller’s body on Sunday when Tuttle is gone all day. What Blufordd learned from this book is don’t lie at all because ib makes a huge mess out of your lie. After he found out Mr.

Brothers In Arms Paul Langan The part im on now is that he took money from his grandfather but not his real one and he went to the mall and bought it but Roylin took two hundred and fiftydollars and he got it the next day he went to school and told himself that he should had never did The book im reading is ok so far but i think thats so great that he is doing that for a girl. I like the series for a realistic if a little simplified look at urban life, but this installment is an embarrassment to the series.

While Roylin was sitting in his history class, he saw a beautiful girl sitting a few desks away from him.

Miller and he was Roylins only friend. He’s going through a very hard time, his father walking out on him, being cheated on by his “girlfriend,” and his best friend dying because of him.

He was just borrow it and Tuttle thought that he is stole it. Soon Roylin knew that MR. His life is different but the same in a way to Darcy’s life.

Secrets in the Shadows

Roylin baileya sophomore that had a hard life already made it worse for himself as he tried to summayr the girl of his dreams. Schooled Paul Langan Information About the Author According to fantasticfiction. They didn’t have any money, so Roylin decided to ask his friend Mr. I really think Anne Schraff did a great job on this book.


Roylin want to get out of this mess. Other books in the series. So,Cooper figured they would go dig up Mr. Miller is and he said he is at a nursing home and also he said that it was just a joke and he was trying to teach Roylin a lesson but since Tuttle tried to teach Roylin a lesson Cooper taught Tuttle a lesson. Dec 16, Jose correia rated it it was amazing. Roylin is left feeling guilty, used, angry, sad and all the emotions in between.

Later on Roylin finds out that he made a huge mistake by stealing from his best friend just to please a girl. This one was ridiculous, and not in a good way. I love this book. This book is about a boy named Roylin Bailey who goes to bluford high. When Tuttle came from gambling one night. If you want to find out more about this book read it and tell.

Miller wasn’t dead that he was just in a nursery home. Then he buys korie the necklace and she freaks.

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Why I picked it up: She was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and earned a B. Tuttle really put him in an old folks home. He did not have enough money so he uigh some money from his neighbor Mr. So Roylin could get the money, he stole from his friend. Miller, who is an old guy.