My second objection is: Policy surrendered on Please keep an eye on the NAVs and opt out of the fund at the best oppotunity. However, even if the value of investment done by the ULIP drops to 0, the insurer still has to pay you the sum of 20,00, I think it is risky. Shorter premium paying term 3 or 5 years.

It was by virtue of the reputation and reliability of SBI a great name in Indian Standard ,I believed on the version of the then probationary officer, took these policies. After many exchanges of email, there is no reply from SBI. Hope it helps you. They’ll never do it. My second objection is: Anonymous January 26, I need 1 clarfication what does this statement mean on SBI Life website last paragraph:

Rules and regulations printed in micro font are practically unreadable which helps agents to exploit customers. I also liked the post by Poor Rich Man Bye happy tax investing. Hence, one cannot see the NAV goes down and no need to put graph in his mind, always; which may invite BP as in the case of stock traders. But, please do not lose heart. If NAV goes down at the end of the term, what???? Thanks Fisher for making it all so interesting and informative and at the same time for bringing out the importance of managing your own funds.

Hi Aditya, Thanks for the response. Gunjan Singh gunjansinghcs gmail.

Need advice on SBI Life’s Smart ULIP FlexiProtect II Fund – Q&A Forum –

The fact is that all of you are running investment companies and that too at a very exorbitant cost in the guise of life insurance business. Hello sir; I am intrested in sbi smart performer plan can i invest it or not please guide me. How helpful was this page? Keep aside some money for good MFs and take ELSS for tax saving and for insurance, buy any term policy for years. All are here to make you fool…!


The Guarantee is meaningless: Like for apolicy, when your kid turn 18, he would get Age Money back from policy 18 yrs 40, 20 yrs 40, 22 yrs 60, 24 yrs 60, 26 yrs Rest of declared bonus, incentives if any etc. However, it is very important to learn from them revkew move on.

SBI Life Insurance launches Smart ULIP product

Hi, I need one suggestion. I am regularly monitoring the website. To advise you more, I started investing in this plan since These samrt are a SCAM.

Is it Complexity or Confusopoly? Anonymous October 24, Fisher, Thanks for the great insight, so what is the rrview I have invested in one ULIP when I started my career and didn’t knew anything about investment options. Plus investing for my child theres no tax benefit that I can avail.

SBI Life – Smart ULIP (Series II) – FlexiProtect (Series II) Fund

Shorter premium paying term 3 or 5 years. I paid premium Only one year. Dominic I just wanted to know how much premium are you paying and the clause on policy bond where you have found this information about premium and what exactly it means because I also want to surrender as I am also stuck in this SBI Smart ULIP and want to get rid of it as soon as possible.


Anonymous September 17, What ever the agents tell they tell protecting their interest only keeping customer in dark. When I checked the fund value as of today, it is showing that And resommend the best one.

Product Update: SBI Life&#;s SMART ULIP

Weries is highly improbable, if not impossible. Aditya February 07, Aditya April 09, Lets say they collect Crores in from all of us when NAV is As these charges depend upon your age primarily, these charges could be around 1.

Guys, Can anyone seris where SBI will pay everyone from. Oflate, with the bombardment of ads on ‘Retirement plans’, I started thinking whether to invest in them. Fisher February 10, The guarantee is meaningless because of Nill in equity and the highest recorded NAV for seven years is of no meaning Some comments and analyses are really good; especially those from Fisher.