Create bootable flash drive with the following settings: It is the same process either way. I came across numerous errors as I tried different tutorials, the biggest one was gaining access to EFI shell. If you have such motherboard skip the section on how to create a bootable drive. Join the conversation You can post now and register later. Zathras , Jul 29,


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Dec 20, Messages: Sep 28, Messages: I found when I erased first, then wrote the empty file that the card utility worked to update the card with the IT firmware after the sas2rlash.efi.

Dec 21, Messages: Reboot won’t bricked it.

Hi, I’m just about to flash my M and you procedure is the clearest and most comprehensive I have seen that isn’t 3 or 4 years old. K D Well-Known Member. Posted May 28 edited. Edited May 28 by BetaQuasi.

Dec 19, Messages: Spent several hours mind trying to figure this out so don’t want others to waste as much time as I did. The DOS utility, without manual renaming, uses sas2 flsh no ” a “so all the commands were modified from sas2flash to sas2flsh.


Easiest Way To Flash LSI SAS 9211-8i on Motherboards without EFI Shell

May have to type “map -b” first to determine device name if you have several USB drives. HizarJan 1, I using the current latest version Since we are programming with sas2flash mind as well use same tool to get the SAS Address just to be safe.

Thanks and welcome to the STH community. Your post will require eas2flash.efi approval before it will be visible.

Easiest Way To Flash LSI SAS i on Motherboards without EFI Shell – TFiR

HizarDec 20, What am I doing wrong? I considered many options check out this article — 5 ways to build your storage serverbut resorted to building my own server. The first few had lots of bugs so people suggest avoiding it. Szs2flash.efi tutorial is for IT-Mode.


One questionthe Sas2flasn.efi Flashing Tools link is deaddo you have a link for the files??. Insert image from URL. Now, plug the USB drive into your computer.


LSI i IT Mode Firmware Flash Problems – General Support – Unraid

This saves time and hassles. I also ran into the same problem as lastMonkey, so this is more for his specific issue and anyone else who ran into the problem and needs a potential solution. I used Rufus 2.


Display as a link instead. Will give it a go 2nd time lucky Get latest updates in your inbox, saz2flash.efi to our daily newsletter.

ZathrasJul 29, Once your system boots, choose UEFI boot device from the boot menu. Reply to this topic Jul 23, Messages: This will map the drives connected to the computer, from there you’ll want to select your USB device.