Juanita on April 19, at Bennie on April 25, at Ronel Ferreira on July 31, at 3: Good Afternoon, you helped me once previously and I am turning to you again. You only go online when you are ready to submit to SARS. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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SARS Easyfile Employer Problems | handshake

I get a ‘duplicate’ status on reconciliation when there are no changes in figures declared on the EMP? Can you please help? Good day Grant Please eifling. I removed the old version and installed the new one Hi there, please give me the steps to follow when doing the resubmission to easyfile for Lize Nortje on October 20, at 8: Hi Jacqui Thanks for letting me know. Jo on February 25, at 9: Grant Day on May 9, at 8: I have just had to unistall my easyfile and reinstall it.

Ronel Ferreira on July 31, at 3: We are also getting this ITA error when submitting. Grant, thanks so much for your site!! Tax and Starting work.


[email protected]™ Employer

I uninstalled all versions of Java and installed Java 6 Rochelle Hamberger on May 12, at 1: Hi good day, just wondering if this is a problem everyone is experiencing or just me, I cannot seem to szrs, I have let it sync overnight and the following morning when i checked up on it it was like it was on freeze mode as it just doesnt want to sync, I had to restart my computer in order to exit the sync.

Only place I could get sarw from. I finally got hold of the EFiling person who only visits the branches every second week for 2 hours. I want the name surname phone nr etc to be there when i log in so i can just put the new totals in.

Grant Day on October 25, at Dont know how yo resume snd each time i login.

SARS warns of looming deadline for employer declarations

Almarie on May 28, at 8: Logged in, no problem, installed efillng and restored backup which restarted the program and that was the last login…. I have finally managed to get this stupid unreliable program to work, only to find that my database does not even want to restore. These ETI values were utilised by deducting the amount from the amount payable.


Simone on June 2, at Good day, I am fed up. I have looked in the file for any funny data, like passport no with spec characters but no. Elise on May 2, at Hats off to you sarrs, Thanks.

Debbie on July 6, at Any advice will be greatly appreciated. The error you have may be related to the fact that you submit I had to upgrade my Easyfile. When i open up Easyfile is does not ask me for username or password, it only has a small clock running in efiilng.