He plugged it into his Orange and let rip. View the Media Kit. Oh, no, I hear the a Duchess cry I found the pickups to be unispiring. I’m sure they might find a tiny space in their luggage. More items related to this product. I’ve had cheap pickups sound better than expensive ones. Greg Bennett Formula FA

Help FAQs Go to top. I have been gas’n for a tele and have never seen these Greg Bennett guitars so I thought I would see what you guys thought of them. If the seller decided to sell to another party – fine. The original piece that was chipped out is not available. Had to get a friend to bring over to UK for me. Make sure you plug it in and play it to see if the tone agrees with you.

The seller will not separate the guitar and the amp.

SAMICK Greg Bennett FA2 Signature

Well, after several days of failed attempts to contact the seller, it’s clear that he doesn’t want to talk to me. The Samick Greg Bennett series of guitars rival those of the big name manufacturers for quality, fit, finish, and playability. Show More Show Less.

Actually, I think this is the same model and colour as the one in the earlier ad – just miles in the opposite direction. Don’t let their Samick bad rep influence you. As an aside, my luthier diagnosed the buzz immediately as an earth problem on the bridge, so as he is replacing the bridge pickup, says he will sort it. May 12, 2. Most all pickup makers will tell you theirs is the best thing since sliced bread, and many of them are just plain full of B.


Having played signatkre few of the recent models from the last years I have to say that they are quite impressive for the money. Search in titles only Search in Electric Guitars only Search.

Formula FA2 Tele clone by Greg Bennett – used price question | Squier-Talk Forum

Now, the usual reason for this behaviour by a seller is when they have sold their listed item s but have cut out another interested party. Rancid, loved the Earl Slick vid. I’ve had cheap pickups sound better than expensive ones. Never understood why they get trashed here.

So, the final decision rests with me. TdotJul 4, Elio Student Of Beennett Blues.

ShowmasterRallyDec 12, So it looks like this was a dead end. I’m not looking forward to these next months. Jim BaritoneMay 11, Plays and sounds great.

Log in or Sign up. Jul 7, Messages: I use the lipsticks for clean passages and swap back over to the humbucker for heavier stuff. Jul bennettt, 9. Log in or Sign up. They didn’t even have the green one in the catalogs, just blue and red.

Samick Greg Bennett FA 2 Electric Guitar | eBay

It’s quite a heavy guitar, compared to, say, a Strat, but the tone of the wood is beautiful. Jim BaritoneMay 28, Jul 5, Sajick sure it has to do with the neck. Help FAQs Go to top. May 13, 5. Advertise on the most comprehensive and widely viewed musicians’ website. I will post photos as soon as. One of the blue guitars was purchased in parts. All he has to do is answer his phone and say, “I’m sorry, but I reconsidered and someone else has bought my equipment”.


I have spent a small fortune trying different pickups over the years. Some were great, some were good and some just plain sucked. Good luthiers are not common around here, and after consulting the only two I know of who might have the skills to minimize the visibility, I signatute appalled at the amount of money they thought would be necessary not to fully repair this chip, but simply to make it less obvious.

Ptrallan01May 13, Noisemaker Effects Twitter Facebook. But I have no idea about a fair used price for one of these guitars.

To make bennnett offer, I would sell one or more low-end guitars and maybe a small amp to raise cash. Bad fretwork, weak, toneless pickups, and poor finish work. You may also like. Hi Jim, just wondering if you ended up buying this guitar?

Blues Guitar Unleashed Member Forum. I’ve never played one that was junk like some people say.

That’s a great pity, because this was one guitar I was ready to stick my neck out for. They have all had the Duncan Design HB’s, which are some of my least favorite pickups. But, he’s apparently unreachable, by phone or e-mail.