I am hoping someone can show me how to make my XAS run on the higher res? Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. Jul 12, 3: Welcome to Save Point! Then I wanted to know what is best in the opinion of you.

rpg maker vx ace xas hero edition

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Xas hero edition abs rpg maker vx ace

Bump, the Moghunter scripts are causing graphical issues in my projects because of them not working in x I’m afraid 4shared is indeed prone to viral distribution. Some one Built a Demo that has the party Remembers who battles side by side by you, but it contains some bugs, that some times followers stops following you.

rpg maker vx ace xas hero edition

View a Printable Version. I’ve loved Moghunter’s XAS ever since it was made but sadly, one of the biggest stepping stones I feel has been the lack of support for x resolution. If you don’t like where it’s hosted, then don’t go there and don’t download it.

Posted December 31, Being able to read the instructions and such will be very helpful. Are these only graphical issues? You are free to ask him if he’d be willing to host it elsewhere, and he is free to decide to do that or not, but you are heor free to demand that he does anything.


rpg maker vx ace xas hero edition

And is the bold necessary too? Khas system doesn’t allow Team Members to follow you and neither the other engine you mentioned.

If you are new or makrr we welcome you to register. Posted November 6, edited. Welcome to Save Point! Everything is translated from Portuguese to English so enjoy. When turning or changing direction, the lantern does not follow the character’s turning or changing direction unless you turn off the lantern and then put it back on.


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Sievn Junior Member Xa I think, for the gamer in this day is a boring battle system. ACE Core comes with the ability to change the resolution of the game window and does a few small changes to allow the game to work with different resolutions. Posted April 5, Thank you so much for translating the script!

Gj on the translation itself though! How about the standard Front View Battle System?


XAS Hero Edition [ ABS ] [ Rpg Maker VX ACE ]

Any chance of anyone uploading it to other sites like dropbox, uploaded, pastebin or something else that doesn’t cause the hreo and internetsecurity programs to flash code red? Yea I can do it, it might take me a few days because I am busy, but I will get it done for you.

Show HP Bars under the enemy sprite? I think holder battlers or PV games battler could do. Simply play around till you find which x does what and which y does what. Thanks “If that is a legimate translation”, but that page is filled with garbage, advertising and should be removed. Your ad here, right now: Last edited by nitenman ; Jul 15, 5: Sign in Already have an account?

I just dl’ed it myself, ran it through MS Security Essentials, and didn’t register makrr viruses, so it is legite. Posted December 7, edited. Posted December 24,