I love this piece of music. If you don’t believe me get his live CD “Try! Downloadable link is posted and very helpful. Where can I get a complete copy of the bluegrass instrumental by Randy Newman? Add more missing songs to this list, or tell us in what scenes these songs are heard or where they can be found. Below is the full track listing: Another website lists the composer, and it turns out that it is indeed the same “Elvira” that’s sung by the Oak Ridge Boys.

rollin in the rearview headbone ft jabu

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Does anyone know who the guitarist is on the John Mayer “Route 66” track? MySpace is old Loading Please let me know if you do THanks JK. What is the name of the song and artist playing that puts the cars to sleep?

Headbone ft. Jabu – Rollin in The Rearview BASS BOOSTED

Thanks to Joe and Candy. It is short, but sounds great.

rollin in the rearview headbone ft jabu

I was just trying to find out the same thing. Great movie — adult oriented one liners hilarious. Rearvies black window down Rolling the rhythm out Drum!


He’s surprisingly a significantly better player than Jimmy Vaughan. Comin’ from behind Bet what I’m gonna do?

Their MySpace page doesn’t have the song! Life Is a Highway – Rascal Flatts.

rollin in the rearview headbone ft jabu

There’s a song playing when the modded cars approach Mack, and it’s not on the movie sound track CD. If so, I have the track. A strange thing…when mcqueen jump out of the truck sleeping and touch the highway, the first 2 cars which surpass him are the couple of minivan, losted visitors of radiator springs….

HEADBONE – Lyrics, Playlists & Videos | Shazam

I am now entrenched in Route 66 history. What’s the song playing over the DVD menu screen? I really don’t think thats John Mayer either. It is not on the soundtrack. reariew

Rollin’ In The Rearview

Add other info not listed above trivial anecdotes, press quotes, recording anomalies, etc. What is the song playing during the end credits?

rollin in the rearview headbone ft jabu

Songbird – Kenny G. That’s the “Reveille” which is a bugle call used by the military to wake up their personnel. Can ib give me the Rap song when the Street racers pull up?


Our Town – James Taylor. It’s also played when Lightning finally gets to try his left to turn right during the big race. Thank you so much Loading Actually he says both lines: Glad you like it – I was one of the writers. They’re fft more commonly known as the Delinquent Road Hazards, named by fans to be exact. It’s track 13 on the For Your Consideration “promo score.

John Mayer plays the guitar on that track. I believe it’s an instrumental song, but don’t know the name of it, or who plays it.

Route 66 – Chuck Berry. Can you Ron please explain to me and other Cars Soundtrack fans?