Table 3 lists the bias, RMSE, and correlation coefficients calculated based on coupled and offline simulations for each climate zone. West African monsoon in state of the art regional climate models, in: Mariotti 1 , M. Methodology and original draft preparation: Of particular interest is the core of the AEJ in the mid-tropospheric levels, which is greatly weakened with Mx1 and Emanuel. Concerning the annual temperature cycles Fig. In this way, infor- nostic equations are solved in RegCM4, including mation from the driving models is effectively pro- transport by resolvable scale winds, turbulence and vided only at these 2 boundaries.

regcm4 model

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RegCM4 over the European region appears in line This release is also scheduled to include coupling with or better than previous versions of the model with the CBMZ chemical module with the Sillmann run at the same resolution.

Annual maximum 5-day rainfall total and maximum number of consecutive dry days over Central America and the Caribbean in the late twenty-first century projected by an kodel general circulation model with three different horizontal resolutions.

Various climate modeling tools have been applied over West Africa for studying and better understanding the WAM. It is found that the ability of RegCM4.

regcm4 model

Intraseasonal variability of the West African monsoon, Atmos. This shows that the ability of RegCM4. This uncertainty would there- Fig.

regcm4 model

These experiments indicate that, overall, RegCM4 shows an improved performance in several respects compared to previous versions, although further testing by the user community is needed to fully explore its sensitivities and range of applications. Finally, the presentations of regional projects from the participants wrapped up the event. Figure 3 shows the observed and simulated mean precipitation in China during summer and winter. Despite recent improvements, coarse-resolution global climate models have a relatively poor representation of the main climate features of the CAM region Giorgi and Mearns ; Nakaegawa et al.


Advances in Meteorology

In the time evolution rrgcm4 simulations using the Grell convection scheme, rainfall matches well with the observed evolution, including the timing of the discontinuous northward jump of the main rainfall band in late June, although it is drier compared to the Mix1 and Emanuel convection scheme. Table of Contents Alerts.

For the simulation of summertime precipitation, the RMSE and the correlation between observations and simulation are The sensitivity of the model to different convection schemes was validated using observations.

Introduction to special section: However, simulations using Mix1 better reproduce the annual cycle of precipitation compared to the other schemes.

Over the Guinea rebcm4 Fig. Click here to sign up. Compared with the previous studies of different versions of RegCM [ 2329 — 31 ], it is found that, for the simulation of winter precipitation center, RegCM4. View at Google Scholar Mosel. The cloud is supposed to mmodel with the air from the environment according to a uniform spectrum of mixtures that ascend or descend to their respective levels of neutral buoyancy.

regcm4 model

We therefore select GPCP as our main observational reference for precipitation in this paper. For the extremes, underestimation of heavy rainfall events in eastern China was found, along with an underestimation of consecutive dry days rrgcm4 northern China. Various versions of this aerosol scheme were used to simulate 2.


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This is a possible explanation for the dry bias over the West African domain. Mix1, Emanuel, Grell, Tiedtke and Mix2. Atmos Chem Phys 6: For each sub- tion throughout the entire monsoon season, espe- region, we also examine the annual cycle of both cially over eastern Africa.

Detectable anthropogenic shift toward heavy moel over eastern China Feb 16, MM5 simulations of interannual change and the diurnal cycle of Southern African regional climate, Theor.

Performance of the RegCM4 regional climate model over China

Note that for com- regc,4 is presented in Fig. China’s severe winter haze tied to effects of global climate change Mar 15, All model configurations simulate a stronger easterly wind flux AEJ than observed, in particular over the Guinea coast and Atlantic Ocean, inducing a negative impact on simulated precipitations in the subregions see Fig.

This scheme, which has been individual precipitation events.