Spirited three thousand kilometers one thousand eight hundred sixty-four miles away. Anyone who tried to escape was placed in the “boob” jail , beaten with a strap, had their heads shaved and were given only bread and water for a week. But many aboriginal women have said to me. Noyce, a major-league Hollywood director, with the blockbusters Patriot Games and Clear and Present Danger to his credit, vigorously defends the adaptation. But Neville and his trackers will not let a bunch of half-caste girls circumvent the law and its associated grand plan. He tells Gracie about her mother and says they can get to Wiluna by train, causing her to leave the other two girls in an attempt to catch a train to Wiluna. She, along with her relatives Gracie, eleven, and Daisy, just eight years old, were dismayed and frightened by their fate.

Two of her aunts were expecting babies who were half-caste as well, which was thrilling to Molly. Invariably, the fence that I conjure travels across a landscape of enhanced colour — earth the richest red, sky the brightest blue — but of hazy definition, obscured by the ripple of heatwaves… but this is the imagination at work. As a barrier against the Rabbit Menace, the Fence was a failure, not only because of the vagaries of the Australian climate but because of the all too human flaws in its design and construction: The assertion is that this measure will protect the Aborigine population, as if they are left to intermingle within Aborigine communities, half-castes will turn the community white, as the weaker Aborigine gene will be bred out within a few generations. John Neville told the Sydney Sun Herald that his father, who is referred to as “Mr Devil” in the film, did not order children to be taken away from “happy” Aboriginal families but sought to help half-castes who faced hostility from both sides: Rabbit-Proof Fence [official site].

Far from being abandoned, she had been stolen, forcibly separated from her mother as part of an official government policy to “assimilate” half-castes and quarter-castes into white Australia and train them to enter “civilised” society as servants and labourers.

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They are not reunited, however, as Riggs appears and Gracie is recaptured. While it was built in a time of unbounded optimism, it was driven by a whisper of fear.

The girls meet a collection of strangers along the way who provide food as well as advice — both good and bad. She was considered by their family as a pretty little girl, but other children insulted her because of her light skin, which made her wish to have dark inhaltsangaabe.


The long walk home

Some of this advice convinces Gracie to stop walking and results in her re-capture. It was a very exciting moment, just magic. But my journey, my healing will only end when I am able to read and write in my own language.

Molly, at fourteen, was the eldest of the three girls who are at the heart of the story. As Molly and Daisy near home, the rabbit-proof fence stops and they find themselves in the extreme desert and they collapse from exhaustion. Noyce and scriptwriter Christine Olsen were determined not to depict Neville as a standardised film villain.

The netting was one and a quarter inches mesh and dipped in coal imhaltsangabe 18 inches from the bottom selvedge. Captain Fremantle needed the approval of the Aborigines to give their country an English name.

It is a harsh environment for those not accustomed to it.

It tells the story of three young Aboriginal girls: Molly was told that no one had ever successfully escaped. Because her skin was a great deal lighter then her sister’s, she was sent to a “whiter” mission than Doris, and to this day Annabelle still refuses to accept her darker-skinned family. Zoom a little further, prior to the currency of such thoughts, and we are struck by the presumption, on the part of the settlers, that Australia was up for grabs.

Many were afraid of it; haunted by the possibility that it was holding them back. The government considered these children a step above full-blooded Aborigine children and felt obliged to take them to schools where they could be educated. He plans to place the girls in a camp where they, along with all half-castes of that age range, both boys and girls, will grow up.

Archived from the original on 21 August Molly learned from her father that the fence was installed from north to south for almost the entire length of the country.

Instead they must speak English, learn Christianity and other European practices. Her permission to return was refused, which makes her decide to walk all the way back to Jigalong again. While some were profiting from the explosion in the rabbit population, however, others suffered its consequences. However, the girls are well proof in disguising their tracks.

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Convention required foxes and rabbits. Molly and Daisy find it really hard to accept her decision, but finally agree. Archived from the original on 27 September They will then presumably become labourers and servants to white families, regarded as a “good” situation for them in life.


The Fence lies hundreds of kilometres from the majority of Australians who live perched on flim eastern coast, my inhaltsnagabe among them and is a million miles from their thoughts. The settlers were not satisfied with the land and wilderness at first.

There is one thing outstanding very clearly in the matter… whatever effective work the fence did… it absolutely failed in an effort to prevent the movements of Rabbits from one part of the State to another… From the beginning, it was largely a gigantic make-believe — a danger, too, inasmuch as it, like other large fences, lulled the landholders most concerned, into a false sense of security, which numbed his own endeavours and really assisted the spread of the Rabbit. Farmers used poison and traps in an effort to exert some control, and bounties were offered oroof professional rabbiters.

She starts off with Molly who is employed as a domestic help and marries Toby Keller. They toiled in a capricious climate of bushfires, droughts, floods and fenc which, as well as being difficult and uncomfortable to work in, threatened whatever progress had been made.

She, along with her relatives Gracie, eleven, and Prooof, just eight years old, were dismayed and frightened by their fate. Danielle Olsen Dividing Australia: In viewing the land as untouched and unmodified European inhaotsangabe overlooked the evidence of Aboriginal firestick farming, their domestication of plants and their impact on animals. National Film and Sound Archive.

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Molly always is the bossy one who makes the decisions. The girls’ extraordinary trek – as written up by Doris in her acclaimed book, Follow the Rabbit-Proof Fence – has now been turned into a controversial, moving and highly praised film which tackles one of the ugliest aspects of recent Australian history.

The betrayal is revealed by Riggs, who tells the man he will receive a shilling for his help. Molly uses the three thousand kilometer one thousand eight hundred sixty-four mile long rabbit-proof fence, which runs adjacent to Jigalong to navigate her way home. Miss Evans shows them where they will be sleeping.