With the house bill being passed last week to the tune of 2. Something that is suppose to enhance our lives is destroying them and leading many down a slippery slope. Women Are Ruthless Oct 22, Listen There may be a solution to help. If we all take a moment, we will realize that we have some pretty amazing people in our lives. Get started NOW at [https: Why do people park their vehicles as if no one else uses the same parking lot?

We need to empower each other instead of tearing each other down. Flave and Errik discuss what they know so far about the changes to sniping and speculate about what it’s all going to mean for snipers and the But do you remember where you were. In to the questions are still the same, so what are we doing wrong? My Favorite Treats-College for Free. With the house bill being passed last week to the tune of 2.

Dice said, “Ask me almost anything” and Reddit delivered. If you didn’t receive a reset email, check that the email address you entered is the one you verified with V LIVE.

There is something to be said about the importance of making your bed and clearing the chaos in your room God bless costco and ziplock bags on produce. Subscribe to an Asian creator Sparda couldn’t join in on this episode, but he let the guys know what to say.

This week, gremlins munched our voice tracks. Flave, Milks, Errik, and sorta new guy Sparda shoot the sh You won’t believe where Colby had his baby My Favorite Treats-Best book ever!!

Recently a kid had a very public rant on social media that was filled with hate, bullying and racial comments. Our next project is OutPlayd: Sometimes is just a mere change in vocabulary that can make a huge difference. Share facebook twitter tumblr. Where Did Jazz Go?



I was inspired by a brave post today on social media about something that has been bothering me for DAYS!!! Boob Jobs for Confidence Clean Bend The Knee?

Analyzing a Franchise in Conflict How will the final installment of the trilogy end, and how will it satisfy all its fans? Baby is Here This Oscar—winning animated short film is a poignant exploration of the love between immigrant parents and their children. Eff Drug Addicts Times Up on Mean Girl behavior.

Long-time gamers often develop bad habits we’re not even aware of.

This is a deep dive into the Recon class and how to be a team-player as a Recon. Burns Blacks Out Live Using “live” uuuhh, pre-recorded gameplay clips as samples, we show how this squad tells each other what’s going on.

Mentioned ptcolive the show:?? We all are leaders in our day to day lives, but there are a few skills that get overlooked or unused that make us great leaders. Play on Words Disagree Agree Agree Agree. Check Out the Calm App: The squad identifies the different parts of good aim and discuss how to improve in each of them. Dec 13, Listen Email Verification You need to verify your email address the first time you make a purchase.

My heart goes out to the produce manager who encounters enraged yet uninformed consumers who just want information about their produce products. Four friends tackle the week’s hottest topics, asking the most absurd questions imaginable and rarely agreeing with each other when it comes to the most sensitive subjects or when offering life advice to our viewers. When you loose a piece of your past You know what’s cool about teamwork?


Create morning routines so you can enjoy the mornings again with your kids and take the stress out of the day. Cavalry can be deadly annoyingso what to do?

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We discuss the Kendall Jenner Pepsi commercial controversy, giraffe birth livestream, the walking dead is boring this season, Syria missile attack, Wendy’s twitter account is hilarious, what is the best fast food restauran. Overview Music Video Charts. Girls Fakes Domestic Abuse with Hammer It is one of the most unhappiest anniversaries this nation has and many have forgotten Have you given up?

My Favorite Things-Tools to be your best self. Click I Have iTunes to open it now. Jake Paul Scam Jan 03, Listen Loosing a friend is never easy, but when they were a huge part of your life it shakes you to the core.

Player FM might just be it. Why is it becoming an epidemic of parents verbally and physically assaulting officials? But to help put things in perspective, Flave and Errik dive into all the videos they could get their claws, umm, hands on. Something that is suppose to enhance our lives is destroying them and leading many down a slippery slope.

Is Being Sexy a Talent?