The Paessler Toolbox contains utilities that run in the cloud and solve some of the daily problems of IT administrators: Hello Dimitris , thank you for your reply. Support for hex bytes as return value type for example, for MAC addresses V5. Add comment Created on Nov 28, 2: I agree with Blake in the second reply of this thread. Created on Jul 1, 9: Before applying any instructions please exercise proper system administrator housekeeping.

prtg snmp tester

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How can I test the functionality of my SNMP device?

Beta version with enhanced options V3. You are invited to get involved by asking and answering questions! Download the ZIP file see the Free Download button aboveunzip all files into a folder of your choice, and run the snmptest. Find out how you can reduce cost, increase QoS and ease planning, as well. To the SNMP email course. Please understand that we cannot provide deep support for the program. Beta version with enhanced options V5.


This means that it may just be the string with the textual representation of the Mac Address.

Created on Mar 6, 2: Created on Mar 2, 3: This course is a great way to develop your expertise on network monitoring via SNMP. Add comment Created on Mar 7, 8: Tabsegmente bitte im www testen.

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It’s a very un-salesy, un-annoying newsletter and you can unsubscribe at any time. Up Down Dear readers.

prtg snmp tester

However, I tried that alternative, but the value I got is non-readable characters. Created on Mar 3, Last change on Mar 3, It’s a very un-salesy, un-annoying newsletter and you can unsubscribe at any time. Up Down Hello, I have kind of the same problem.

SNMP Tester No OIDs Found

Use at your own risk. Created on Nov 28, tfster NetFlow Tester simply dumps the data of all NetFlow packets that a computer receives from a Cisco router – useful when debugging bandwidth monitoring configurations based on the NetFlow protocol.


Handle the result as common string. We have certified partners also in your region Find here.

prtg snmp tester

You should update to version It is an indispensable tool for the evaluation and testing of network management and network testing tools. That pttg has been put in the correct snmplib folder. Improved error handling, minor bugfixes V2.

prtg snmp tester

Please also note that PRTG version Very new to setting up SNMP test. Susisiekit su sertifikuotais partneriais Lietuvoje Rasti dabar.

Then sign up here for our free, four-part email course. Any feedback is welcome! I would like to monitor a Juniper device to get a hexadecimal value through snmp-v2.