He tries to approach her about her cell phone, but she mistakes his overture for trying to cozy up to her as a potential in-law just because her son likes his daughter. Its just so trueeeee and no bullshiting. Koala, as usual, I always love reading your after-thoughts. You are so right, Ockoala! Na Yoon and Myung Ran are doing face masks in the bedroom. He asks if she intends to run away from all this.

This draa is too too good. He is the most members who has the most celebs friends, maybe his blunt personality made other people know him as a open and honest man and finally they feel comfort with him. I am a Ji Sung fan, and he is as good-looking even with the brocolli hair. He asks if she can do this? In Phoenix, second male lead Eric Moon character the brother died too. Grandma says Ji Heon has done well so far, and will continue to do better. The Chairman holds back his tears and gruffly says this issue can be discussed at a later time.

It’s the Beginning and the And

That would be the highlight of the drama! The directing remains excellent — brisk and lively, with very gorgeous cinematography that alternates light and dark scenes with dexterity. He tells Ji Heon to just accept if he gkoddrama to treat his own son better. I just love this drama so much that I even wait until is uploaded before reading your recaps, I usually read your recaps first and then watch the drama. There was also a drama where the rich girl or someone about to get married who crashed with her friends….

The instrumental starts at 1: The Chairman comes down to see all the commotion, and the two dads finally meet. The drama is THAT good people! The Chairman realizes that Eun ;rotect got her stubborn temper from her dad. The Chairman tells Ji Heon to work hard then.


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And both ladies ditch the kids at home with the two dads and run off with Myung Episoode for girls night out on a regular basis.


Na Yoon and Eun Seol lay in their beds and have some girl bonding talk.

Which gooddeama when Ji Heon and Eun Seol walk into the lobby and she recognizes her dad. She gets called away to answer the phone, reminding the two old kids not to fight. Thanks for your super fast recap! Moo Won runs into the entire gang in the lobby and everyone gets into the elevator together.

She is helping him, not only to overcome his phobia, she is helping him become human. You know he aint gonna get the girl!! And she feels guilty towards Ji Heon as well, not being able to like only him. Jihun still looks like an overgrown kid even though he has a change in style clothes wise and hair.

In Phoenix, second male lead Eric Moon character the brother died too. He heart is so confused. Sorry but that is the truth, the question is, can you handle the truth? By bsos way, I just love Na Yoon. What a great episode.

Ji Heon comes bounding home all happy from his encounter with Eun Seol. He asks his secretary never to betray him. The Chairman asks Seok Hee why she looks so wan?

They decide to have him working part time at one of the company thee shops incognito. He calls her, asking if she wants to make a jailbreak?

She wants to have a simple romance, not get involved in a relationship that comes with so much baggage and complications like succession of a company. If the four oldies end up in two pairs — ie.

Protect the Boss Episode 9 Recap

Your email address will not be published. Her chemistry with Ji Sung is so good that you wonder if they can never be a real-life couple!! Her mom has placed Na Yoon under tight surveillance and she reluctantly gets up to leave because goooddrama free time is over. Ji Heon gets turned down from coffee shop after coffee shop for being too old and having too much education.


Hi and thanks Ockoala-san! I luv this actress, she is really really good especially in depicting emotions with her eyes and mouth. This drama is really Americanized cause daughters and sons talking back to their parents? Eun Seol sits at home and reads about her impending transfer. Eun Seol dad says that no parent in the world will accept the son of a gangster chairman, apologizing for being so blunt.

He loves seeing her do that. If he did, then the Chairman will have no one left around him. LOL, he is growing up… Every character is growing up, right in front of us, and that is true life, and that is what hook me of this drama.

Na Yoon checks into the hotel but realizes that the concierge is in contact with her mom and calling her mom. And what are their other works? How cute is that?? Totally swoon worthy, yet ultimately completely too late already. Ji Heon is shocked, asking why his dad snuck in all quiet. The Chairman starts to sniffle. But Koala I agree with all your thoughts about this drama. He is the most members who has the most celebs friends, maybe his blunt personality made other people know him ehg a open and honest man and finally they syb comfort with him.