I know that some of my colleagues — I already know that some of my colleagues have their questions, so we will try to get through this as quickly as we can. It’s not really there yet. So I thought, you know, maybe this will give me a chance to see what behind the scenes of a live program is like. But at that point I still volunteer, I have my daily job that I work with, I am actually in the broadcasting world. Masuli kadin porno armenians. But from the beginning, this was a service that was designed to fulfill a Broadcasting Act objective and it continues to do so today.

Do they not have local community channels? And in my community it is working and it is working extremely well. I mean, you know, I guess it would be up to the content producer and everything to decide whether or not that story went on. They give volunteers great experience with great equipment and they’re ready to get into the professional industry when they get a certain amount of training with Rogers. Do you want to give the information for Ontario and Quebec? This gives citizens a chance to see what happens in the chambers of their local city hall. Community TV must compliment, not compete, with conventional broadcasting. The facility includes offices, a production studio and an edit suite.

It is a really exciting time to watch the results roll in and we wouldn’t get that any other way than this.

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And I can only imagine that they are looking at trying to build a community station there as well, particularly given that if there is an unserved complwt ofpeople, it is another opportunity to differentiate themselves as well. Quelles seraient, selon vous On election night they always hold local television programming and have the results and they will often do interviews with people.

Murdoch, you, on your page 4, you have the chart and you suggested community TV produced 27 per cent locally produced — and you windup suggesting it should be more than 50 per cent. In fact, we have just done some this April.

That is pretty stunning, that a very high-gloss show is using stuff that is, you know, definitely within the budgets of small community organizations. This program can be very informative for many New Brunswick residents. Most vomplet these games are aired live across the province as they happen.

This gives citizens a chance to see what happens in the chambers of their local city hall. The next show that would come in after that, whereas our news program is 13 minutes, the next show could be the highlight of the Fredericton High School’s basketball game. It is the total, the total hours and then a proportion of those, the percentages of those. The other half of Richmond County has a community channel of their own serviced by Seaside.


Let’s get cable conglomerates out of the community television business and give it back to Canadians. Now, key presenters are paid. So really, you see the community channel as part of your core business, really, and to the extent that it retains customers. Waddell, you have mentioned the very interesting issue of training.

What do I actually impose by way of conditions? I read a lot of daily newspapers and I find they are often slanted.

And you, all three, are very vocal about what Rogers does and how it meets the need of the community. Rogers came out and did a whole program on 24428 greening York region. It is not subject to the Government of Canada Web Standards and has not been altered or updated since it was archived.

These tools don’t offer the same kind lpus training and experience that local TV offers. And how much programming from outside Fredericton do you see in Fredericton?

Just for Telile here, we would very much like to see the financial information that Com;let Katz was referring to. Merci beaucoup, ce sont nos questions. Bir kez porno hikayeleri. So the community is there all the time on Rogers TV, whereas fleeting episide and pieces of community TV is found in the national broadcasting. I grew episore near the small community of Chipman, about an hour east of Fredericton.

Those residents who can’t make it to the fire hall have the advantage of watching all of the events at home on their television. If the comple to operate community television is reduced, say to the distributors, would you expect your cable rates to drop? Is billing inserts still appropriate?

They are on at essentially the same time, so what do you do, record one or are they on at the same time? I think that was my point.

Et la bonne nouvelle? For example, I operated, or I still bellee, covered the Lacrosse National Championship of Canada, it happens in Canada every year and Rogers can come in and say, we’re going to — and my business is producing sports, not just sports but mostly sports, and delivering through DVDs and through webcast.

Try and find anything. We are located on Isle Madame, which is actually a series of small islands along the coast of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.


If an individual was living in Lindsay, for example, it would take him half an hour to get to the Peterboro studio. But at that point I still volunteer, I have my daily job that I work with, I am actually in the broadcasting world.

We would like to be able to reach the community at large in regards to a very large institution within the community of Kingston?

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By replacing community volunteer programs with programs made by their own hired staff cable companies are running nothing less than unlicensed TV stations. How many programs produced by volunteers did communities get for a billion dollars? When I moved to Fredericton in September I started getting the chance to watch Rogers there in Fredericton and they had commercials looking for eblle.

I would have to say almost all of it. In the event there is not enough demand or interest from the community to meet those requirements, the public needs to see evidence of that, and that the cable companies are not just conveniently throwing up their hands. There does seem to be a discrepancy that we would like to investigate. Quelles seraient les conditions minimales? I can’t — I can’t counter with anything, I’m a for-profit bekle and I have to charge.

Do you have that kind of data? They broadcast sports from NBIAA basketball, to curling, even hockey from all over New Brunswick, and this year even a few hockey games from the northern part bele Nova Scotia. Although it could possibly be regarded by this Commission as a run of bad luck or bad service, I feel that it points to a systemic issue. What I am hearing from the three of you, and I am going to pick-up largely from what the Chairman has already asked you, but I am hearing about the importance of community television to your respective communities.

En ce qui concerne ce document, nous allons l’examiner et vous revenir avec des commentaires lors de nos commentaires finaux pour le 17 mai. Second, cable companies that offer community channels should submit regular public reports to enable you to decide whether your policies are being met. It comes and it goes.