I want to make sure you have a sweet dream, but i know that my time is over. I think everyone is connected through something and I think that connection is caused by music. Skip to main content. Thai Music timethai kamikaze thai song. My life is a mess while hers is glorious and beauty. What sets this song apart is the beautiful melody woven into the song.

pleng tee chun mai dai tang arena

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Even that means we are not part of them. I hope you are getting me with the song; it is a song of expecting someone coming back; to be back to the arms of the people who treasure you which is your country.

Pleng tee chun hai dai tang no more tear

Letjen kongta payi may way By: Sing this song for you, it belongs to you, and i promise i will take care of you I know sometimes that i have let you down, and everytime you just let it go, forgive me, embrace me pleg your heart. But my heart, it just whispered to me that it want to stay, but i can only beg you with my eyes!

pleng tee chun mai dai tang arena

Even in this time of age where there is wide globalization and unification of the world through the digital age, these Thais never forget what their country has done for them ever since the start of time; even if they are in terrible situations, and that links to this song; tending to come back to their roots.


This is a thai song: It is hard to choose which songs will be the first one but I think Sahm Midti is good enough to be only at the 2nd place.

The clock would failed to tell me the times, my world without you would felt empty.

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It’ll be my treat. Click here to sign up. Someday i will be good enough. Farewell parties have Lieng Song to come to an end. Wah pleng pleng nee tee dai fung nun. X3 Let me stay with you please? C F Bes F tur roo reu mai tee chum tum dai.

Suckseed Pleng Tee Chun Mai Dai Tang (no More Tear) by ILboy | Free Listening on SoundCloud

It’ll be my We’ll meet at the usual place. Allowing the persona to reminisce the place where he came from. Who is he to take you away from me? Kao Jirayu Jirayu Kao Thai song thai music video video. Specifically, this song is talking about a boy who said that his girl who makes his days better even though sometimes she makes him sad too. Thai Music timethai kamikaze thai song.

Another poetic song from Paradox.

OST Suckseed by Arena – Pleng tee chun mai dai tang (tagalog cover)…- скачивай и слушай mp3

It’ll be my eng treat. Remember me on this computer. Want to see more posts tagged thai song?


pleng tee chun mai dai tang arena

Mee kam taam dieow tee yaak ja taam I’ve only got one question that I want to ask Instrumental melody from one of the track that makes me whom I am today. Also only in this MV, I saw all of the Paradox members dressed in suit and tie which are cute.

You hurt me so much I almost died. Love Julinsee uses this song as its soundtrack and it is a very catchy song.

Thai song Thai music Thailand music. I think everyone is connected through something and I think that connection is caused by music.

Gaw pleng pleng ne tee dai fung nun. So Cool Reuang rao mai chai bpan-haa pror ter yang mee kao Ter bpai mai maj sak kam mai tan daai dtriam jai All this issue isn’t a problem because you still You left without saying goodbye and I was have him.

pleng tee chun mai dai tang arena