They began to create a Magby-powered hot air balloon. It turns out this clock was right next to a huge tower, Which was the exact same one Meowth and his team were on. Meanwhile, Meowth and his friends were finally finished setting up for the party. Meanwhile, Meowth and Wobbuffet brings in the boxes of fruit when they notice that hardly anything is set up in the room at all. Kanto Battle Frontier Saga! When Meowth goes to investigate, the fireworks start up, sending Meowth flying with them. Ranked Popularity Members 9, Back at their home, Magby, Teddiursa and Wooper waited for their friends.

Pichu big realized that the invitation they had was actually Oddish’s. The fruits were aligned, the decorations were set, and everything seemed ready for his party. She fixed up her hair. One of the Pichu Bros then looks up and notices an invite fluttering in the air. The Squirtles then showed the group out the door. They try to nudge away slowly, but Houndour puts his paw on the brown blanket.

Please note that ‘Not yet aired’ titles are excluded. The Cubone from earlier explained the crescent shaped cards were invitations and the fruit was for everyone who was invited. And this is where the story ends. Houndour, with his mind obviously on something else, smashes into the Hydrant and is gushed out, high into the air.

Cubone then gets happy once again and starts beating on the barrells, leaving Meowth with a slight headache. Angrily, Houndour began chasing after the brothers.

Happy and gleeful, the group celebrated as one of the Pichus attempted to grab the balloon.


However, Teddiursa began to stop running, too tired to keep going. After a series of events, they find out they were invited, but their invitations were simply delivered late. Pichu big quickly got an idea after seeing a balloon floating in the air in the wind.

Meowth begins to rant about a plan that he has as he thrusts up three crescent-shaped cards with fruit outlined in them. When Meowth goes to investigate, the fireworks start up, sending Meowth flying with them.

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This Bit Was now in 3D Meowth, now noticing that everybody was going inside, waxed his guitar and stated it was time. However, one of the Pichu was able to grab a hold of the invitations.

A little while later, though, they noticed a fire hydrant and ran around it. The group then decide to visit an Aipom and a Smeargle, who were, ironicly, dueling with their papers. Nothing was being set up but a lonely chair by the three Squirtle. Soon, Smoochum comes running in as well, acting frantic as she begins to explain what she saw. Meowth then begins to play “Nyassu no Party”, dancing with various Pokemon and moving around and about the stage Back to Normal Animation After the party is done, Meowth sets up for one last thing: This Show is split into 5 Parts and you get given the parts each day after you start playing until the 5th day.

Meanwhile, Smoochum was looking for her friends when she ran into an Oddish. Meowth throws a party that the Pichu brothers and their friends are not invited to.


Smoochum became distracted by a mirror. Noticing that the group was nowhere to be found, Smoochum tried to find them. Los Hermanos Pichu en Party Panic.

This next part, as stated earlier, is different from each viewing. Fortunately for them, Azumarill ran over with invitations tied to a balloon at hand. After a few reassuring words from Meowth, Cubone happily jumped around again and the Squirtle began to clean up the mess. The two Pichu ran over with the invitation, followed by Smoochum with the sad Oddish. Before colliding with a fire hydrant, they split apart. The Pichu Bros, meanwhile, continue to run away from Houndour. Both Bros gave a sigh of relief, as the elevator came to a stop.

Pichu Bros. in Party Panic

He then came up with an idea. They then saw the fruit form in the clouds. Gros. obviously knew that the fruit must equal to more and more fruit, but he still couldn’t put together for what.

Sitting by a short flight of stairs outside in the suburbs, the Pichu group was still depressed that they wouldn’t get all that sweet fruit. From this point, versions in other languages are randomly found in crates. A big wind blew the invitation they had been searching for right into their face.

The episode goes to Wooper jumping into a small river and swimming happily.