After reading your recaps for the last 3 episodes, I finally watched ep4 and I have to admit I am very impressed with the cast. Everyone else got skeletons in their closet. Most people are reading the subs and miss half of the “reactions” and “body languages” you talk about. Needless to say, I am fangirling my head off at this drama, not just all for Song Joong-ki. Drama korea terbaru a coffee to go korean, drama korea terbaru a coffee to go park, drama korea terbaru a coffee to go asianwiki, drama kore We don’t want a martyr for a lead, do we?

Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel. I think the reason it’s so easy to see Jae Hee as a villain also has to do with how she uses love strategically; she doesn’t have a romantic view of it at all. MR is playing right into her hands by showing up and offering to take down his former lover EK may not have all the details but she most definitely knows through suspicions, the tension between JH and MR and their interactions and reactions to each other that JH and MR have a past together. I think the reason why Jae Hee is so determined to get up to the ladder is because she has all the reason to be – she has a legit child to help her get what she wants. Kgrl September 22, at 5: This dad just seems like he’s full of bull who doesn’t trust women.

Since they know that MR is a med school drop out, they must also know where he went to school. Like father, like daughter – guyy is how he’s raised her to be, and maybe to some extent it’s in her blood.


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As for who’s using whom and how much is real and how much is played deliberately, I think that none of the characters know or even care, like their ultimate goals are so much bigger than personal attachments. It’s a great feeling! A desperate call from Jaehui to Ma-ru.

We don’t want a martyr for a lead, do we? Married above her station, outside of her age, because she wanted more from her life? If you’re fluent in Korean no subs, unfortunately you should watch him in I Live in Cheongdam-dong, he plays a pretty big role and he’s hilarious.

I’m wondering if he was simply looking for evidence that showed he knew Jae-hee or if Eun-ki’s father kind of did “get” to him in a way. Who does Eun Ki surround herself with?

Where’s the proof that she knows? They simply are too cute together. I’m sure the writer has amazing things to unleash on our emotions.

Writer Lee has definitely done that before, so I think this time around it’s going to be different. Kim Tae Hoon Supporting Cast. We already know this series will draw the amnesia card. Log in with Email.

Running Man (런닝맨): NICE GUY EP. 14 (ENG SUB)

LOL, Ricky, At least you are honest about who you are crushing on and your greediness: At least, it helped me understand this drama because I’m not so bright with “a plot within a plot within a plot” stuff She’s badass but among every character involved in the game, she’s the most innocent one.


I sincerely drakacrazy they will find their happiness.

How did you interpret that? But again, I think it is necessary to see Jae Hee tramples our heroine or else we won’t be cheering morean loudly once Eun Gi is back to the field smacking Jae Hee’s ass back to the ground. But most importantly I want Jae Hee to burn.

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For the love of me, please! Because I think it’s still is with good intention. IDK, MR’s declaration looked and sounded like he: Especially the part where she talks about Maru’s past not mattering to her, but it’s the present and the future she cares about. MR ignoring EG who’s suffering from the plane and almost died if not for Choco. I still want to see what enf deal is with EunGi’s lawyer!! Seo Eungi has been bred to be the heir of a major conglomerate but is devoid of warmth. This show is largely an exploration of the nature and corruption of trust, and how trust is an integral part of our humanity.

The Innocent Man

It may not have a happy ending, but I don’t really care about that. Does he want money? Maru declared war, and it was awesome.