While all these are happening, ChulSoo remained silent – for a man who raised a child from the time she was born or a few days after she was born , ChulSoo couldn’t defend SaRan. I liked that he was a changed man, but he didn’t make an unrealistic transformation. This page was last edited on 14 February , at Because she named the character Ah Soo Ra and it is explained to us that because of that name, he’s easily possessed by ghosts. He’s personality is pretty much the same, but now he’s adorable instead of being annoying and obnoxious! As we’ve all acknowledged, none of these things fit in with the other themes of this drama. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Prev Next Page of

My eyes kept reverting to her nose during her closeup scene. Popular Lists Related lists from users Create a list. Was this review helpful to you? It was too sad of an ending for Gong Joo who was nothing but an angel throughout the whole drama. He finds himself involuntarily drawn to her, and their relationship begins. Her own daughter ran away to marry unprepared because of her.

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. She can act all prudish in public, but not krean the bedroom or when there’re only them two together.

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Da Gisaemg is cocky and tends to look down on women, but begins to question morean attitude when he meets Sa Ran by chance. It’s not likely that a ghost or someone possessed or a fortune-teller would complain to the broadcaster. By 0ly40 Started August 12, Ah Da Mo takes business administration training at his father’s company. Stay tuned for various sports events the idol star fiercely compete This page was last edited on 14 Februaryat Posted July 22, Thanks you so much for the nice pics.


They’re a lovely couple. Hide ads with VIP. But I totally hate how the storyline veered off into the ghost possession land just to increase screen time. Sign In Sign Up. Prev Next Page of She’s so lively and adorable. One thing that bugs me is Im Soo Hyang’s nose.

Most Popular Time Travel Dramas. The ViKi Softsubs are in folders on file hosting servers They really look good together. May 3, 52 of 52 episodes seen. Perhaps, an incurable case of blindness? Ra Ra’s real parents 4. I’ve finished watching this drama vik 3 days. I’m not against plastic surgery, but still I got distracted because of obvious signs of it. Archived from the original on I think there’re gems inside that mess of a storyline. I would only watch these two episodes again for the sake of the main couple.

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While all these are happening, ChulSoo remained silent – for a man who raised a child from the time she was born or a few days after she was bornChulSoo couldn’t defend SaRan. Hope they could really be friends and judging from their pics Aria was a perfect name for the daughter. Jan 23, – Jul 18, Aired On: Jo Hyeon Woo K TNmS Ratings in Korean.


The Idol Star Athletics Championships is back again to celebrate it Either fate or coincidence brings her together with Da Mo, to whom she feels an instant attraction, but her awareness of her poor background restrains her from voicing it. Announcements February birthdays Login Issue. She was elated when she found out about the hair-raising – was so looking forward to live in a palace to be provided by Mr. You just don’t know how they made me happy and excited about our new fave couple I would also like to add another redeeming scene in the drama: I hope the scriptwriter had given them more screen time, instead of wasting it on minor characters like the trio at the gisaeng house.

If they had just spent time to review and edit the script, we would have had a well told tale. Idol Star Athletics Championships is back again to celebrate Thank you so much for sharing bits of infos and pics about them.

He can’t be bothered to give any woman the time of day New Tales of Gisaeng Promotional poster.