We should slowly begin to regain our memories of past history as it decays. Return to Finneus to make sure you’ve got it all this time. Click on King Altador and he’ll thank you for your service and offer you a gift. Star Data Constellation Finder. I keep having to go down there and adjust the settings. You turn to see King Altador striding into the room, Jerdana at his side. So it matters how you put in the points? The archivist says, “Ah, the last constellation!

Click on one of the gears to jam them with the Rock, then click on it again to take it back. You need to jam up three correct gears out of the ten available. Neopets, Altador Mini Plot!!!? Jellyneo’s Altador plot guide: Once you’ve had your full six star constellation show up, return to the Archivist. Welcome to myTDN, guest!

Click on one of the Jubjubs. I didn’t remember, you see–” Jerdana chuckles gently.

Altador Plot Solutions – Part 14 – Hunter | The Daily Neopets

He perks up as you explain your request. There seem to be 20 different things that can happen when you cast a spell. If the right side of the ceiling moves, count the number of visible tick marks on the edge of the circle. I’ve got to go back to being arrogant.

Jellyneo’s Altador plot guide: A loud ringing sound echoes throughout the room, and across all Altador. You need to search for the pattern that you saw of the bow and arrow.


You will need to find the three gears conatellation will make your view look the image below. Yes, The Daily Neopets now has its very own constellation finder.

Use this picture as a reference:. The basement of the Hall of Heroes is full of mysterious machinery. Now that you’ve got three rocks. You are then able to click on the dots and join them up to create the lines.

Neopets Altador Plot The Hunter Constellation ?

So it matters how you put in the points? If you get anything less then just out an X on your note pad.

When done correctly, you will see the image below. The Darkest Faerie is now flaming!

Click the button he has next to him to adjust the ceiling. And the picture does resemble her statue in the Hall of Heroes.

Hunter Constellation – Altador Plot – The Daily Neopets Forum

That’s hardly a challenge to juggle! You have found a constellation for each of the twelve Heroes of Altador To do this, lay the rocks and go back to the Janitor. Just go to the Hall of Heroes and go up the stairs opposite the stairs for the Observatory.

When you have all 3 numbers you need, put the rocks back into the correct gears and refresh. Now you need to click the Last pixel in the bottom left hand corner like below.


Neopets Altador Plot Constellation Finder

You need to mouse your cursor around the right of the huntwr till you find a clickable rock. Hm, it probably isn’t in the same place as the first half. This one looks good. Click on King Altador and he’ll thank you for your service and offer you a gift. Ask him to teach you how to juggle.

Open up the link for the telescope and find the first to rise constellation using the constellation finder results. O Place the Amulet onto her neck as before, constellatoon then step back What a tricky bit of puzzling that last clue was to find.

Then, plot it at your telescope! Our heating costs have gone way up, now that we have all this extra air to keep warm. Posted December 6, However, this isn’t it! Then the ringing sound ends.