They inputted a lot of extreme brutality inside their stories. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. He’s neither a catalyst nor a substantial character. Very honest to his feeling and does not try to be a knight in shining amour. Thx javabeans and girlfriday for doing a great job recap this series Lahlita August 26, at 9: The ringtone is a little girl singing “I love Korean beef.

I’m so sorry I doubted the show at Ep Thats why im hoping they mate and she gets pregnant. Yeah, I cried like a baby in Episode This suffices to get them talking on friendly terms again. I’m loving this drama! I love this episode

Hye-in met Jeremy episore the director’s wedding. Crutches, on the other hand, are what you get when writers fall back on certain plot devices, conflicts, or resolutions, which feels more like a lack of creativity than an intentional callback. Guess the decision wasn’t all that hard to make: Dong-joo warns Mi-ho that her second death is coming.

Min-sook voices her worries to Doo-hong, asking if he can persuade Dae-woong to drop out. The “neither can live while the other survives” thing reminds me of Harry Potter. So they don’t have to produce 9 tails through the entire series!

The ajumma screams at them to pay, which prompts one thug to throw a tissue box at her — which is intercepted by Mi-ho. I could kiss your feet in gratitude.

In frustration, she kicks the wall, which sends the precariously hung sign crashing down. Except for one very important thing: I have already downloaded episode 13 raw so I can watch it on the plane. I’ll never make it Some of his scenes were so wooden I thought I was watching Pinocchio not that the character was that compelling to begin with. But hey, I am not above cutsies. He says to himself that they can fill it together, starting now.


Min-sook’s and Director Ban’s romance: Hataz Gonna Hate, right? Beannie-unni where do I come up with these nicknames, I don’t even Do you really feel so offended that Xramabeans don’t like an actor you do? Nevertheless, the flowers not only didn’t wilt without water but the bouquet remained quite nice looking despite heavy use of blooms throughout the episode You will receive a link to create a new password via email.

First she wants to ddamabeans the whole Show, and now she claims the boy. He stops in his tracks, startled at her purty duds, and asks where she went dressed like that. He goes to find her, leaving Hye-in huffing.

He touches her face lovingly, tears in his eyes. Episodes by odilettante. Count me in, now I can work in peace knowing that I have a new recap to read igrlfriend later when I get home.

CityHunter September 1, at Also this episode felt long in a good way because so many things happpened over the course of one hour. Good call Hong sisters!

My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho: Episode 12 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Loving the drama even more after this episode I might be an oddball, but at least I have some decency and respect for others and their opinions.

Everyone in the casts and production including the scriptwriter have put in hours if not months of hardwork behind this production and by a stroke of a penit is so easy to stir up other’s emotions.

Oddball and jealous anti who shouldn’t be here are my two favorites of what’s been said. I am melting just reading about the cuteness How can my heart be torn in two directions by one turn of phrase? Oh no you won’t crazy Hong sisters, not this time. Episodes by odilettante. I hope you’ve been good enough for a “mating” episode.



They go over the script, which is of course a story that mirrors their own—a tragic love story between a woman who gives her heart to a man and disappears, and a man who must endure alone without her. Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: Episodde gives her the opportunity to check out some of her suspicions, and she heads to the action school roof to see the spot where she thinks Mi-ho jumped. I sense a kiss coming in the next episode rather than episode One final hoi-hoi to you both!

It’s ‘Look at Me’ sung by Park Hong. And Girlfriday nine-tailfd totally beach-slapping Javabeans girlfriedn it comes to getting the awesome episodes. Apologizing for his lack of glibness, he bows respectfully and turns to leave. Lastly, I’ve gotta give props to No Min-woo.

There are still some choppy spots though. From wanting to spend every waking moment together? For me it’s the eyes. Seeing her makes me wish that she’d be in another rom com drama soon.