Made version string variable that contains whatever version string is for Mutillidae plus “nice” output. Increased the slide time for the ddsmoothmenu to make it slow down a little bit Added a NEW vulnerability. Thank you if you donate by the way. Added user account enumeration to login process. Also try a response splitting attack because a cookie is an HTTP header.

mutillidae 2.1.7

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In secure mode, server version is not shown. Moved information disclosure comment that discloses database credentials from top of page to below the body tag to fix issue in Burp-Suite render tab.

TechJournal: Mutillidae Deliberately Vulnerable Web App Updated (a lot)

The field has no bearing on winning the challenge but provides some theatrics as it changes if the first four bytes of the IV are modified. Browsers restrict the lenght of the URI so mutillieae quadratic expansion attacks is easier when the request method is set to POST by default.

Web Application Exploitation [ ] This only works in secure code.

Erased duplicate vulnerability listing for xml-validator. Added escaping for single quotes that show up in the JSON.

Added large number of proven scripts to the Mutillidae-Test-Scripts. Muttillidae the help on the RESTful web service. Download the appropriate distribution to a location of your choosing. The level 1 will just be JavaScript validation. Previously logging statements has to be copied to each spot that logging was needed. Click on Next after selecting the Create new hard disk radial option.


The html5 key validation on the on the html5 page was too restrictive. Capture data is vulnerable to SQLi; not captured-data page Added new page: Erased an old-style hint from document viewer page.

This code is in index.

mutillidae 2.1.7

Students should try to XSS the cookie and see what happens. Nasty bug in pen test tools lookup and the AJAX version. Added balloon tips to help users using jQuery ballons Added jQuery to Mutillidae Added large amounts of hints to html-5 web storage page Added notes and demos from AIDE conference talk to pen test lookup tools page Added notes and demos from AIDE conference talk to html-5 storage page Added notes and demos from AIDE conference talk to all pages with cross site scripting click hints to see Made show muyillidae code more efficient Fixed the width of the command injection level-2 hints Added more comments to index.

Added hints on how to perform remote and local file inclusion to the arbitrary file inclusion page. The page name is “html5-storage.

mutillidae 2.1.7

Removed the “open DB” that 2.17 firing before the database was actually created. Make the code and examples simple to understand so as to get the point across of how a given vulnerability works.


Advanced Penetration Testing For Highly-Secured Environments

Thanks for the suggestion Kevin. Updated YouTube video handler to play videos in a new tab instead of the hints page to allow users to have a better experience if they are trying to follow along.

Credit Lee Baird Added wider table to vulns. Some folder paths still referred to ‘hints’ from the days of multiple levels. However some systems such as Linux Lamp have trouble “knowing” where the nutillidae path should lead mutillidar detecting the document root then prepending should address issues on these systems. Refresh on show logs would delete records over again if clicked right after delete logs Added growler popup when logs are refreshed or deleted BUG FIX: Link previously went nowhere.

The JS validation is trivial to bypass. This vulnerability was not intentional and could lead to page defacement when trying to implement some intentional vulnerabilities.

Mutillidae: A Deliberately Vulnerable Set Of PHP Scripts That Implement The OWASP Top 10

Removed the installation instructions from the home page. File paths in lookup-pen-test-tools. Whole site Made local relative links without leading dot Installed on Samurai 0.