This part of Montana is cattle country so expect a fair amount of cattle car pickups and setouts. Requires some rolling stock downloads, see the included Readme. Instructions for uninstalling that template optional are included with this new template. Updated Que2 route template. I have no idea what the yard looks like at Wenatchee or whether there is one nor if there is a yard at the west terminus. Requires some rolling stock downloads, see list included with template. Freeware, available only at the Elvas Tower site.

msts streamlines stevens pass

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The JZD route is a Czech fictional mm narrow-gauge route covering 30 km with some branches along the mainline. West ColtonPayware, 3dTrainStuff www. Template files for Dr.

Elvas Tower: Active Route Projects – Elvas Tower

Norm Beveridge AG 3 or later. From handling down a 70 car train down the grade to tripling up the hill with a 60 car load, two 2 other templates will put your engineer skills to the test: A number of downloads are required, a list is included in the. A total of miles. Peter Laier AG 3. It is mainly a single track main line.


The Timesaver Upgraded version route is available only at the Elvas Tower web site.

A number of downloads, some payware are required. Timeframe is around Please read the readme file for proper installation of the route and upgrade. Includes rolling stock large download Pete Mulvey AG 4 or later. There are 39 templates and about serviceable sidings. The Stevenss route covers from Bellville going Eastward to Worcester about mileswhile this WP2 route and template continues East of Worcester towards Mosselbay more that miles away. Follow the installation instructions.

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Includes docs and a map. Consequently, no AI traffic.

msts streamlines stevens pass

Made slight changes to the traffic but no changes in the required downloads. Requires some rolling stock downloads, see list included with template. The route is 40 miles long and covers from Seligman going east to the cities of Urbanette and Berryville. This template by new template author Moe Smith features a unique and very helpful approach: About streampines sidings.

Msts streamlines stevens pass

The route folder name is the same as the previous template. There is no default rolling stock used in the template but all the rolling stock is included. Steve Davis AG 4 or later.


msts streamlines stevens pass

South Africa Western Province 2. If you install this update, some of the paths will no longer work. A map is definitely recommended, there are some hard to get to and facing point spurs, we suggest using Craig Kawahara’s map, available here. There are sidings to work with in both templates.

msts streamlines stevens pass

We have some help for doing that smts. The template includes maps, full documentation, and even hints for running the template, all in PDF format. Template created by Peter Mulvey with testing and assistance from Norm Beveridge. This route is part of the mile Capetown-Pretoria line, home of the world-famous Blue train, considered the most luxuriant train in the world, a five-star hotel on rail.