Returns a message for “a is b”, “c is d” and “e is f”, but none of the items under the section [English]. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality. Decides which error messages will be shown. I am trying to write a set of scripts to switch themes on WM 6. Here is an example of the ElseIf command.

mortscript windows ce

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Thanks for your help.

MortScript examples accumulation

Retrieved from ” https: Tal56, you are welcome. I had a similar mortzcript on my old ipaq that broke, I couldn’t find it anywhere, or have the knowhow to make it myself. Then open this with Microsoft Paint, this shows the x, y coordinates of your cursor on the bottom right Subscribe to Thread Page of First 61 Last. Parentheses – groups functions e.


My problem is how to convert the day – hour – minutes to this binary number. On many devices, MortScripts can’t be executed directly. widows

Close Closes an application, Not all applications will accept a close request, Use the window title. I use Mortscript to create the restore process and the result works quite well. Lesson one, Basic Mortscript usage and How to When you pick ok to close the message, the message “Three” shows up. Save Password Forgot your Password? If you have the ini file the Continue jumps to after the EndTry and you will get the message “x is: You can even use Pocket Word, but you have to use “Save as – Text” and rename the extension from.


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In the script below you will get the second message no matter what the screen mode is as long as it is mmortscript “portrait” mode. WriteFile file name, contents [, append?

See Example 2 below. Also, it will clean up remove the old notifications from the previous run of the script. So it shows “Goodbye”. If you choose to Cancel, it will do nothing.

I need to disable Windows Default and at the end to enable it, but i don’t find the commands mortscri;t that. Anyways, hope it helps someone out. Use these commands, modify the paths to suit! Mortscript is a more powerful set than CAuto, but if your tasks are planned out then CAuto can pretty much handle them. To remove only entries without a parameter, use an empty string “” as parameter.

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I have some problems with the following points and hope somebody could point me to the right way: I already have the program MyHome which will start itself when connected to ac power but i only want it to start when a headset is connected as well as ac power, as it window when connected to any charger or pc.


If you click OK then installation wiindows Algeo Graphing Calculator is a scientific calculator for more complex engineering and math problems September 18, Reading and writing Alarm Time.

mortscript windows ce

To run, you always click on setup. I’ve done the same.

mortscript windows ce

ChoiceDefault sets a time limit to choose and sets a default choice if you do not choose before the time runs out.