Orel then heads over to the sex shop where Stephanie works and attempts to convince her to come to church. That was rather depressing. The story reveals that Miss Bendy is mentally disturbed; she plays house with teddy bears and calls them her “family” because she suffers from emotional loneliness stemming from the fear that people only care about her for sex. Grounded immediately follows the events of the episode “Innocence”. Using a book specializing in age-appropriate conception tales, Orel is told that “God’s chef” comes down to sleeping women each night fills them with his “delicious glaze from his holy pastry bag”. Besides, the series was always pretty damn bleek to begin with, even with the “normal” comedic episodes.

Clay’s father eventually discovers the ruse, and when he forces Clay to cease the charade, his mother has a heart attack due to the stress and dies, crying out to God to take her life instead of her son’s. Orel takes this message to heart but soon develops a conflict, he loves his dog more than Jesus and is unsure what to do. What’s new New posts New profile posts Latest activity. His star, however, quickly falls when debating a scientist on the Theory of Evolution , he is confronted with his own background. Clay decides to try alcohol, overindulges, and becomes very drunk. Stephanie, having visibly enjoyed the first kiss, agrees. Add the first question.

Stupid Swim can’t properly schedule a doctor’s appointment. At this point, Clay is much like Orel: The two of them stare at the ceiling as they contemplate their dead marriage. Clay revives from his drunken slumber the next morning, only to ask Orel for his sleeping bag to cover his eyes from the Sun.

After he leaves, she gets “maternal pangs”, so she gives herself a piercing to get rid of them. Convinced that God had sent him there as the answer, an obviously-stressed Orel goes to Stephanie for advice, who gives him a pack of orek and a vinyl disc containing Buddhist chants, telling him that he can use it to relax. In a flashback, we see Kim and Stephanie kissing as a younger Reverend Putty makes the same speech.


Sculptham a necklace and he instantly becomes her favorite pupil, though her favor does not extend beyond circling Doughy’s “F” with a heart.

The night of the play is a tense affair for Mr.

Kim cheerfully claims that she’s not interested in the opposite sex and kisses Stephanie. Orel absorbs from his experience that the key to being an adult is to drink the special “maturity juice”.

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In church the next day, he learns that if you sin, all you need to do is repent and God will forgive you. Had the whole series been like this, I would’ve actually liked it. The episode ends with the two of them affectionately sticking their tongues out at each other as “Failsafe” by The Choir Practice plays. As a result, the parents become bitterly estranged and Orel is banned from seeing Christina.

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Clay fashions a spisode tourniquet from the sleeve of Orel’s lucky shirt, then drinks all the rubbing alcohol Orel had brought along.

But when the fire spreads to all the other buildings in Moralton except the church and the Figurellis’ dream houseeveryone roots the whole problem to Orel and teach him after all the men and women in town give him a belting that his actions made it inconvenient for the racists, and not the “racers”, thus removing the need of discrimination.

The moarl strike up a tenuous friendship and move into an apartment together. After the incident, Clay grounds Orel from church for a month.

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Eventually Orel is phased out of the family as Doughy takes his place, with Clay even showing Doughy how to smoke. But in the process, Orep discovers his parents engaging in sex games, regarding his mother cleaning another man’s house as a form of “wife-swapping” his father has forced her to do with a friend, in order to gain sexual pleasure from watching her clean a stranger’s home.

Bloberta promptly leaves him to go to the bar, announcing to the bartender she has given up drinking. When Fakey refuses to divulge and begs for guidance, Putty abandons Fakey in disgust, leaving Orel to provide guidance.


For the best answers, search on this site https: Don Nohammer voice Tigger Stamatopoulos Orep Kim leans in to Stephanie, Stephanie’s eyes cross, showing Kim as a one-eyed smiling version of herself, which Stephanie dubs “Closeface”. Unsure if this is an acceptable practice, Orel asks his mother who tells him orep women should receive everything from their husbands and denies that the Bible states that “[i]t is better to give than to receive”.

He breaks every commandment in order his order, not the actual orderexcept for the third commandment, “Thou shalt not kill,” which he has trouble with. Clay doesn’t believe him and becomes angry and leaves after taking back episodr he said and exclaims he was happy to shoot Orel.

Orel does and irel off happily. Orel then notices his father’s hunting trophy, prompting Clay to take him on his first hunting trip. Afterwards, Clay awakens refreshed but with no memory of the previous night. Luckily, the whole misery of Moralton is working well, a sort of methodical buildup in which the episose nature of the town, hinted at prior, comes out full force.

He overhears Orel asking Bloberta why she married him. Another flashback shows Kim and Stephanie waiting in a hallway; Kim repeatedly attempts to kiss Stephanie whenever Reverend Putty or Carl walks past, laughing hysterically every time the two men react and reacting negatively to Stephanie’s request for a real kiss. It’s a suprisingly ballsy move for a series to completely re-interpret what it is, I enjoyed the first episode so far.

The next is the librarian, who decides to protest outside Reverend Putty’s church because he’s putting these ideas into children’s heads. Orel’s real friends irel concerned about his dangerous interest in Joe, so they go off to find Clay and tell him about the situation.