Your device will automatically find the files in the USB and upload the channels. On the remote control, press the yellow key labeled F3. If you restart the device, your IPTV setup will be completed. Then start watching your IPTV channels by pressing the blue button on your remote control. Sample Channel File Channel Name: Select M3U Url Option. From the drop-down menu, you should write iptvtr on the top.

mkvod lg

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Press the green key from the control on the pop-up screen. Click and You should change mkvood disable section with enable section. Then restart your device.

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Once you have purchased, it mkvos be enough to tell us your device brand model. Request Channel Links from Us. These applications, which are hard to install, eventually left their place to Smart IPTV application. Then click the Reset Button. Once you have reached the channel, you can go to full screen mode by pressing the red button.


You will see that the IPTV channels have been added successfully. When the program opens, it will ask for a direct link. From the drop-down menu, you should mkcod iptvtr on the top. Add into channels in the following format.

mkvod lg

Select M3U Url Option. Write your MAC address on the bottom of the box.

MKVOD9 u Lg Smart televizyonunuza LG SMART WORLD/LG STORE dan indirebilirsiniz.

Once you have purchased, it will have enough to tell us about your device branding. Then enter the Add-Ons section. On the remote control, press the yellow key labeled F3. Enter into your Flash Memory. Sample Channel File Channel Name: First of all, we download the application by pressing the download button below.

mkvod lg

When you press the TV key on your controller, the list will come up. The userboguet file we gave to you, you sould put in folder which is we will show you.

Select the file you have placed in the Flash Memory. Then take the mac address written in the application and send it to us.


Your device will automatically mkbod the files in the USB and upload the channels.


Go back to the previous menu and say restart portal. Download the service link we have provided to your computer.

After you say OK, you will see the iptvtr option. A warning will appear on the screen.


Lt, enter the Google Play Store. Transfer the downloaded file to a Flash memory and plug it into the MAG device. Download the Kodi Program. Enter the Add-Ons section below. The application gives 7 days test time. Of course, channels are sent from our side. You can start watching by selecting channels.