What the computer solved was the mass balance equations for total phosphate, TotPO4, using the 8. All of the material in the aqueous solution forms one phase. The output menu will appear. Open Visual Minteq software, everything is initialized;. To submit a request, click below on the link of the version you wish to order. At this point, you could calculate the same pH using either pH option. The pH of 8.


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The pH of 8. It is important to note that the term, hydrogen ion, is used in two contexts, one as the name of the component hydrogen with a plus one oxidation state vs.

MINTEQ, Geochemical Equilibria in Ground Water

Ionic strength equal 0. The new 12 pH equilibrium composition would be:. This plot can also be used to calculate the amount of acid or base to go between any two pH values from 8. Select Sweep output and print to Excel and rearrange as before.

Example 4 titration curve. In the process of increasing the pH most of the Ca, Mg, and Fe precipitate, as shown: From the Output screen the concentrations of the mintwq species that were used as components are:.


From the Output screen the concentrations of the three species that were used as components are: The following is a listing to TotComponent for each component in the solution:.

This type of calculation, in two parts, can be used to solve many practical water chemistry problems of how to change the solution pH from one value to another. Click on View species distribution:.


This is Example 13b. The equilibrium constant values, normally reported in text books, can be obtained by multiplying and dividing Visual Minteq constants. In solution at equilibirum: Example 1b pH of HAc. Click Run Minteq and Mibteq. Click on Select Sweep output and Print to Excel: All rights reserved Site map Contact us. Example 2 Fixed pH. PO 4 3- mass balance: Although Option 2 is often more intuitive for students, it should be noted that the Option 1 is often tens to hundreds of times faster to converge and it is clearly the preferred method of professional programmers.

Tutorial on Visual Minteq Intro Acid-base

Click Run Minteq, for the second time for the solution. That is, both mass balance conditions were satisfied!


The titration curve looks like the following after a little more formatting of the axes. Click on Equilibrated mass distribution: From the equilibrium concentration of these three component species, the concentrations of all species can be calculated using the equilibrium constants in the table, e.


After substituting in the equilibrium constants, the free [PO 4 3- ] concentration is calculated —see equations listed above: Given total component concentrations and measured or assumed pH, calculate the species concentrations in solution at 8.

The general proof is simply a tedious extension of these methods.

G iven total component composition and pH initialcalculate the acid or base to change the solution to a second pH, pH final initially 8. If you enter all the components of a solution such that the solution is electrically ninteq e. Since most solutions are in the range of about 1 to 3 milli-equivalents of weak acid, kinteq will normally give a nice looking titration curve.

Rules for end-users are available here. Component window select CO3; and concentration to 0.