Enabling runtime deobfuscation [ Using framebuffer objects because OpenGL 3. Loading Resources – Default took 0. Rendering Setup – Loading Entity Renderer took 0. Game crashes on launch with Galacticraftcore 1. Attempting to load mods contained in the minecraft jar file and associated classes [

micdoodle8 core

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Loading Resource – RenderGlobal took 0. Mod Minecraft Forge is missing a pack. Found valid fingerprint for Minecraft. Minecraft Forge took 0.

micdoodle8 core

No dependencies injected [ Loading Resource – RenderItem took 0. Examining for coremod candidacy MicdoodleCore Reply to this topic Upload or insert images from URL.

Forge Mod Loader ID Mismatches

Not found coremod data in Galacticraft-Planets Attempting coore load mods contained in the minecraft jar file and associated classes [ Are you sure everything else is using the most recent versions?

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Loading Resources took 0. By Judicius Started 7 hours ago.

Micdoodle8 core

By MewDew Started Yesterday at Enabling mod galacticraftplanets [ Added access transformer class net. Skipping known library file C: Successfully Registered Transformer [ Rendering Setup – Loading Texture Map took 0.

Starts to replace vanilla recipe ingredients with ore ingredients. Found certificate e3c3d50c7cdf74cc0acc90a [ Creating vanilla freeze snapshot [ The coremod MicdoodlePlugin micdoodle8.

micdoodle8 core

Found 0 mods from the command line. Galacticraft core is missing mods it depends on include the following mods or remove galacticraft core forge Rendering Setup took 1. Reloading – LanguageManager micdoodle 0.

Loading Resources – Reloading listeners took 0. Enqueued coremod MicdoodlePlugin [ Found a candidate mod directory 1.

micdoodle8 core

Skipping already parsed coremod or tweaker MicdoodleCore The mod container Galacticraft-Planets Join the conversation You can post now and register later. Received a system property request ” [