He was shot dead in Kenya , and his death triggered protests and violence by hundreds of protestors. Rogo married Khaniya Said Saggar Said in Retrieved 15 September Controversial Muslim Cleric Shot Dead”. Retrieved 6 January Rogo was shot more than seventeen times [26] in the head and died instantly, while his wife, Khaniya Said, was shot in the leg. However, he failed, and lost his interest in politics.

mawaidha aboud rogo

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Aboud rogo

They are looting even chicken. He told a court in Mombasa that he denied the charges. The mobs also taunted police who arrested protestors and marauded around the city centre, while shopkeepers reported looting in certain areas.

mawaidha aboud rogo

Retrieved 2 September Views Read Edit View history. Retrieved 15 September The Voice of Russia.

Mawaidha Ya Sheikh Aboud Rogo

He issued many advisory opinion Fatwah during this period, indicating that working for the Kenyan government was apparently haram forbidden by Islamic law. He was shot dead in Kenyaand his death triggered protests and violence by hundreds of protestors.

mawaidha aboud rogo

The police said that Rogo was part of a terror cell that was plotting to bomb Kenyan targets over Christmas. Retrieved 17 November Abubaker Dogo Ahmeda close friend of Rogo, was accused of inciting the protests that turned violent.


‘Al-Shabab supporter’ Aboud Rogo Mohammed killed in Kenya – BBC News

Retrieved 30 August One of his aides allegedly helped Fazul Abdullah Mohammedformer leader of Al Qaeda ‘s East Africa cell, carry out the attack that killed people. Controversial Muslim Cleric Rogi Dead”. Denies Role in Rogo Death”. The protesters barricaded streets with burning tyres in Majengo, which is predominantly Muslim.

The police said that at least 16 officers were wounded in the attack, which took place in Kisaunianother predominantly Muslim area. Archived from the original on 1 September Official Journal of the EU.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. InRogo became much more involved in indoctrination of Muslim youths with a weekly lecture at his Masjid Musa in Mombasa as a result of the defeat of Islamic Courts Union in Somalia by the Ethiopian forces. On 29 August, Kenyan Coast Regional Prisons leader James Kodiany announced that two more prison officers had succumbed [32] to baoud injuries from the riots the previous day.

SiyuPate IslandKenya.


Studies in Conflict and Terrorism. Sanctions against him by the United Nations; death triggered maeaidha protests and violence in Kenya. Retrieved 4 September Archived from the original on 29 August Retrieved 16 February Retrieved 12 March Adoli added that many shops were closed and people were leaving Mombasa, but that the police regained control of the city after a few hours of “anarchy.

Mp3 Download Mawaidha Ya Sheikh Aboud Rogo — MP3 SAVER

Rogo’s Case in Mombasa Court Closed”. Retrieved 31 August Streets that normally bustled with shoppers and tourists were empty. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Rofo Policy. Rogo was also named in a report released by the United States as being the chief representative of al-Shabaab in Kenya, and that he had recruited young men to go fight in Somalia with Islamists.