The action takes place during the Civil War in Spain. The census taker Assenov — a narrowminded employee at a district office — arrives in a village. At the trial the valiant communist exposed the machinations of the Nazis and turned from a defendant into an accuser. In a small chapel set in the mountain locality of Boyana near Sredets Sofia , a medieval artist is painting bizarre images of saints and people. He does not like the mayonnaise he is offered, does not know how to use the lift. In spite of the protests of those who adhere blindly to the canons of church painting and cannot appreciate Iliya’s passion for innovation, Kaloyan allows him to paint himself and his wife De- ssislava on the white-washed walls of the new chapel.

He decides to take the law into his own hands and becomes enslaved by his violent wish for revenge. Selected for ‘Special Approaeh’ at the Cannes Festival. Art Director, Hristo Hristov. According to the canons of the genre the partisan commander has many good, even hyperbolic, qualities. However, a most unexpected turn of events jolts his family life. Assistant professor Denev is so overburdened with social obligations, symposia and the like that he has not a minute to spare for his favourite science.

Ari Direcror, Peter Goranov. The complex relationships among the three cha- racters hover between friendship and love and involve certain professional motifs.

The film is based on the memoir Tn the Malmia of the People’ by Mitka Grub- cheva, an activist in the anti-fascist resistance. The war with Uncle Tanas, the cheating grocer of the neighbourhood store, also ends victoriously.

The numerous characters in this film live maokia act artlessly and sincerely in their picturesque and bizarre world.

After the upheavals in — a group of political prisoners have been exiled to the Black Sea island of St Anasthasia. C epe6pHnaH vi c ia. In the mean time he wastes his gifts on virtuoso thefts and monumental banquets which regularly land him mul jail, where the imperfect correctional methods and the chaos reigning in his own soul induce him to betray his fellow inmates. The facts are clear; the only thing that remains to be done is to refer the case to the public prosecutor’s office.


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Both thematically and by genre it occupies an intermediary place between the dramas examining the break up of umk patriarchal tradition and the satirical films about malkiw adaptation of yesterday’s villagers to the conditions of urban life.

Art Director, Assya Popova. Six of them are betrayed and apprehended. Extensive documentary evidence has been used in the film whose title is a widely popular quote from Goethe which Dimitrov used in the speech he made in his own defence.

This is achieved mainly through the character of the Inspector to whom the case has been assigned. The group falls apart, and Ninel sets out foj- Melnik in an attempt to find a way out of the crisis and a new meaning to her life. This is an epic and dramatic film about the social tragedy of the Spanish Revolution.

The central character, nicknamed The Rooster, is an artistic personality, a man of strong character known as the king of the pickpockets. This is essentially a political and ideological conflict in which personal motives, affinities and antagonisms are also involved. Director, Juan Antonio Bardem.

However, it turns out that each of these women has her own personal drama. The failure of the attempt on the life of the Tsar provides a pretext for flim atrocities. In September an anti-fascist uprising in Bulgaria is crushed and drowned in blood. That happened straight after the war: In the new social atmosphere the fklm power ambitions of ‘citizens of unblemished reputation and clean personal records’ woke up.

While they are ‘sidetracked’ again from the daily routine of their cares and responsibilities, they come to realize that noble goals and aspirations are not incompatible with love — the greatest emotional asset of malki. Confined to his room, in his thoughts he is taking his farewell of the people among whom his life has passed.

Belia, unexpectedly mature for her age, cannot remain indifferent to the falsehoods and the mul attitude to life. A year and a half later dilm bomb planted by left-wing terrorists explodes in the St Nedelya Church in Sofia where the cream of society has gathered.

I ‘eopi H Ka. Malkai central characters in his Cherry Orchard — Dinyo, the secretary of the local communist party organization, and Sava, the assistant manager of the local cooperative farm — also fail into these two categories. But suddenly the news arrives that Kar- doushev’s father has in the meantime become a minister in the capital.


The action takes place inbut there are retrospective sequences returning as far back as the September Anti-fascist Uprising in Art Director, Iskra Licheva. Art Director, Assen Popov. The daughter Lily is forced to search for her place in the conflict between the representatives of two hostile worlds that of her fascist brother and her husband — a communist and a revolutionary.

Black and white, 80 min. Thus first love between two very different characters is the prism through which we are shown the point of view of the film-makers who denounce war and plead for simple human happiness. After the death of his father and the escape of his son to the town, Efreitorov sees that all his ties with the past are broken. Director of Photography, Stefan Trifonov.

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Second prize in Locarno Switzerland The diffident and romantic Student is the first to die. The film is about a sensitive peasant boy who is caught in the vice of the eruel military machine.

When Karaivan discovers the change that is taking place in her it is already much too late. However, a most unexpected turn of events jolts his family life. The scene is set ‘m a remote village near the Bulgarian-Romanian border in the early thirties. The characters are sketched in just a few bold strokes since detailed characte- rization would have interfered with the dynamic flow of the story. The young revolutionary lives through a series of events in which the masses play a central role.

This is a film about the rupture of family ties and the characters’ deep-rooted love for their simple life close to nature. The young actress is ceased by scepticism.