Used only with those close to you, or younger i. Need to be more diligent! Can be used for a close friend of the family, or a stranger. Links to editorial page [link]. There are very few subjects being dealt in the genre and even these few subjects are only explored in a superficial manner. Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown:

In addition, there is the humor! But Jin Yoo dies because of love. She hides the dagger of revenge and the angel wings at the same time. Ce site utilise des cookies. A drama that takes elements of separate genres, i. It took itself so seriously, but it was extremely makjang! Introducing 3 new Birth of a Beauty Reviews

One Warm Word review by [Asian movie drama] For instance, a thug who steals from his makjsng boss, commits murder, and now on the run can be described as leading a makjang life.

You may not me outright laughing but you are very amused. That is rather debatable even according to how Koreans use the term. Formal version of hyungused between men with a slightly formal relationship i. There’s often a line in dramas that says the equivalent, of “What is this?

Sun Yoo learned to love through her xefinition sister, Jin Yoo and she finally decides to become a nun. Introduction to 2 Misaeng themed Features!

Two, makjang can also refer to the far closed end of a mine. Korean liquor known for being strong and cheap. She thought of herself low and she hated herself.

Yes, people develop amnesia but it’s rare and it’s even rarer for a real person to go into a coma and have amnesia as happened to Hyun Bin when he was trapped in Ha Ji Won’s body in “Secret Garden” or to Lee Min Ho when he fell in the pool in “Boys Over Flowers.


What is Makjang? Let’s define the #Makjang Genre! Korean Drama 101 (Class 12)

Hae Joo, the heroine of May Queen is unfortunate indeed: The above two are draa true dictionary definitions of makjang. I Summon You Gold Review: For instance, Conspiracy in the Court is a fusion sageuk thriller; Hong Gil Dong is a fusion sageuk comedy. How else would you explain the recurrent use of plot devices like the sudden meeting of long lost first lovers, definifion, forced separation, family secrets? A verification email has been sent to your new email address. June 30, at Take the k-drama classic plot twist, the coma.

In addition, there is the humor! Also common parlance for gangsters to use with their bosses and superiors.

Heroine of an ancient folktale known for her virtue and filial piety. The Family is coming Episode 5 Korean Drama Newer Post Older Post Home. Defiition I find annoying the tendency to cumulate in some dramas: Ce site utilise des cookies. Thanks for reading this article.

Well, k-dramas love to make fun of k-dramas. I am talking about satire! Comes from shortening the two, since Koreans love to cut words off and mash them together. Notify me of new posts xrama email. You know that Makjang twist when half siblings end up falling in love and getting married only to makjan too late they are blood related? Email required Address never made public. Thank you for reading the editorial!


There are very few subjects being dealt in the genre and even these few subjects are only explored in a superficial manner. It was turning what was viewed as serious up on its head.

What I learnt in Dramas: Makjang | Parce que la Pop culture n’empêche pas de penser !

You are commenting using your Twitter account. She hides the dagger of revenge and the angel wings at the same time. E-mail obligatoire adresse strictement confidentielle. But they rarely wake up with their make-up intact and looking like they just had a good night’s sleep. Basically an apartment for a single inhabitant, with kitchen and perhaps its own office.

I want to see some more double action! Episode 4 by Regals. Subscribe Us Subscribe now to get notified about exclusive offers from Us every Weeks! And once that connection is made, you’re hooked. Think American daytime soaps. Episode 12 by LollyPip.

Surprisingly tho that such stories ,most of the time, pulled such high ratings i. Meta [Happily never after] Maybe