Over and out Kipster. You get it Live for a real audience Then You get the explanation with cuts back to the performance an excellent touch Then You get more performance clips Then You get a silent walk through of the effect once you’ve been taught the whole thing The teaching and performance on this DVD are top notch. Customer Reviews showing 1 – of 1. The spectator counts the thirteen cards and places them in yet another forbidden zone as she holds them up against her chest. In this highly entertaining and interactive performance, Shimshi displays extraordinary abilities of the human mind.

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Shimshi Magician

A live close-up show, real strolling magic scenarios and illustrations will teach you the magic that Shimshi performed as the resident magician of the Mirage Resort and Casino, Las Vegas Nevada. Up-clos up-close by shimshi File size: You watch as the deck cuts in half, then suddenly a card shoots out of the deck by at least 6 or 7 inches.

The Painted Tens 4. Does anybody have any solutions to this?

Magic up-close by shimshi

Las Vegas Magician ‘ Shimshi’ reveals some of his most guarded secets and how he performs up-cloze tricks. Thanks for the comments, this DVD is in my next purchase list ;- Jeff.


He places the deck on the table and does not touch it. Review King Eternal Order Posts. Please kindly share any comment about this DVD, thanks.

Magic Up-Close by Shimshi – DVD

EscapeMaster Loyal user Posts. Throughout the show, Shimshi will also perform his renowned mind reading demonstrations.

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I got Shimshi’s lecture from Penguin Magic a while back, loved everything about it but I have one problem! Dry Roasted by G. For inquiries please go to Contact. Could someone please give me a review of this? Speaking shikshi that “special something,” you will be treated with every possible angle and educational information regarding this “something” and it’s relation to this effect.

This effect also has a really funny opening line that I think I’ll be using. Have a question about this product? However, his second addition is beautiful. The out is also excellent. This one took one step backward and one step forward.

Each effect however is very much loaded with Shimshi’s personality, and from my perspective he’s improved on each one of the four effect’s original counterparts. You can spend it on anything you magjc at Penguin, just like cash. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.


His performances are so out of this world that.

The Magic Cafe Forums – Magic Up-Close Shimshi

I’ve seen his cards across Live at Blackpool and I can assure you, this effect os worth th edvd, believe me! Regardless of that, the version of the H a unted deck has a very “hands-off” feel to it. Las Vegas Magician ‘ Shimshi’ reveals some of his most guarded secets and how he performs the tricks. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. However, there are some other gems as well.

A half point was lost for some shoddy camera work. This effect has been in my own repertoire for years. MagicalFreak3 Loyal user Posts.