NO to the linker command line to disable this. Code and data alignment problems are corrected. There were slight differences in the binary executable between the initial release version and SP1. The manuals in version 5. JWasm won’t accept this.

macro assembler 6.11

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macro assembler 6.11

Programs assembled with MASM version 6. Complaints from fuddy-duddies forced Microsoft to revert to the old-style lea encoding.

macro assembler 6.11

When used in assembly language, macros enable programmers to assign a group of commonly used instructions to a name and insert those instructions anywhere the name appears in as many places as that common task is needed. Fixed a phase-error problem with: Both code and data may be greater than 64K. Although the file timestamps range between andthe copyright year is In response qssembler programmer requests, MASM 6.

Using an explicit pointer declaration generates CodeView information, allowing the variable to be viewed as a pointer during debugging. A change in the register assumptions used in the. All Microsoft languages support this model.

Microsoft Macro Assembler 6.1 (v. 6.11) – box pack – 1 user Specs

The ExceptionHandler function will be called first whenever an exception occurs. The command line displays spaces surrounding the comma between the name and the version, which looks odd.


It first shipped with the Windows NT 3. Eventually this page was assemvler as the changelist quickly expanded to all known versions of MASM.

Microsoft Macro Assembler – Wikipedia

Note that differences of a couple hours may be from an inadvertent time zone adjustment rather than an official time stamp. Therefore, all code and data can mavro accessed as near. ENDIFand a few instructions were encoded a bit oddly. The Sasembler linker then picks this value up to encode the undocumented “Rich” header in the final executable module. For this reason, even to this day, the manuals are sought-after as they strill contain relevant information about the assembler. I remember it was different from what I was used to.

I have attempted obtain the most complete version information for Microsoft’s MASM throughout its history using official information when available and falling back to bits and pieces from other sources when information is limited. The majority of the information below was derived from assemblrr official 5. If you are running MASM from a read-only network drive, ensure the TMP variable is set to a drive and directory for which you have write permission.


Now, Microsoft’s Visual Studio allows you to add any files to projects, even MASM, if you manually set compile switches, and you have to set those switches again for each additional file added assemblef projects.

Downloading File /MASM/masmrar – MASM – OSDN

Therefore, data is near, but code is far. Archived from the original on 16 February Retrieved 25 September It is not until version 4.

This was also the last version with printed manuals, although asssembler manuals were shipped with the later 6. Structure padding is now correct. Although this version shipped with the 5. In this release, Microsoft Pascal programs cannot be debugged with the CodeView debugger.

In C, the calling program removes arguments from the stack, and MASM leaves the return instruction unchanged. Open the desired project.

macro assembler 6.11

The linker will issue the following harmless warning L