GoodDrama for your Android devices – free download. Now that it’s over and only another 90 minutes worth of youtube episodes to look forward to, I feel calm and content. Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: I’m happy KHJ has grown in his acting career. You’re not gonna do the recap for the youtube clips right? See coffee prince, que sera sera, full house, coffee house, goong, my fair lady. Definitely better than the Chinese one.

I can’t stand the director’s other works Wat-Di is a bad guy so those man she killed before were all deserve what is coming to them but Ah Weng?? This was a cute show. I started watching because I had seen the other versions Meanwhile, Yoon Hee pays a visit to In Ha to return the proposal ring. Thank you so much Javabeans and Girlfriday for the awesome 16 episode recaps. Barring the genuinely horrendous first episode, I had a lot of fun watching these characters bumble their way through courtship and young-adulthood in a low-key, histrionics-free way. Episodes by LollyPip.

Ariel Lin was amazing, but Xiang Qin was a little In the world of the live-shoot production system, that is a luxurious timespan with which to work some post-production magic. Ha Na likes Joon. I mean, yes, it’s sad they don’t get to marry each other, but they can still be happy without having to marry each other.

I felt more affected by this version than others. FinallyI just want to say, I really enjoy this drama, light yet still memorable I actually find Joon self centered and impetuous So sad it’s ending D: Just goes for what he wants -the way he went after Hana after he finds he might like her That’s when the cold harsh reality that PK has really ended – Finito.


Ha-ni says that she was originally planning to become a nurse because of Seung-jo, but she felt something different today, in saving a life. Chang Mo’s nephew ah, forgot his name. Thank you so much Javabeans and Girlfriday for the awesome 16 episode recaps.

And I liked all the characters and the basic story and the honest feelings it invoked. You were objective and saw the flaws, but you enjoyed PK for what it was. This series really 20 episodes right? Two parallels i deduced from episode 16’s ending are: The last few episodes will be about her trying to ruin her son’s relationship. But pretty nice once and a while.

And in the latest episode, she was crying for her mom, she felt guilty YET she decided to be with Joon again. No one will ever know… Unexpected You Episode You know, usual a girl who smiles a lot, innocent, think positive, is always the one who cries a lot esp if it’s something relate family issue, most sensitive issue for most people.

Thank You Very Much for all of yours hardworking! But overall, I liked it. Even if she only ate, breathed, and lived Seung-jo Her relationship with her father brought much needed emotional depth. Sadly, I don’t think PS had that. Would it have killed you, Show, to put in a real-life conflict, no matter how small, that indicates a significant change?

Posted May 16, Not nutricious, not live. You don’t see the guy, but it’s a cute way to end with the promise of an eventual happy love for her, too. And ep 18 delivers heart-stopping scenes. Ashi I want Hana to be with the doctor guy If I just had more time.


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I felt how much she loved BSJ! I think it was someone important but I completely missed it? Yoona wasnt really my fave from SNSD, but yea watching her in this drama, just proved how talented she really is! She yelled for everything Chris is there waiting for him, having gotten off the plane already to keep her heart from breaking.

Wenri I agree hahaha! And, with her and IH being elisode, it makes no sense for IH to listen to her.

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Love Rain Episode 16

English and Chinese subtitles available. A young girl who who has very little life experience and is falling in love with a very forceful dashing character like Joon. But in order to swallow a pill such as the honeymoon was, it has to come with a side of derisive detachment rather than cute smugness.

Same goes with OHN Kotoko. I really don’t know how YH’s blindness is going to play in the relationships. Brie October 22, at 2: