Warmup – shows how much memory is loaded and spends every addon;! How can I submit them? Here’s a fair list of addons for patch 2. Mob Info 2 – Provides health values for targets instead of a percentage. I seem to have lost loothog, and deleting the saved vars for this addon dont move it back. Could some1 Updated it with the new boss?

loothog 2.4.3 addon

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LootHog – A useful tool for people rolling on items. Titan Panel – An addon frame network. Thank you very much.


Mob Info 2 – Calculates mob max HP and displays it on unit frames. Razyel A Kobold Labourer Forum posts: Thanks so much, Hyldraon0, Really appreciated! Starts when the first roll is detected. Sort comments by Oldest. Send a private message to Jaim Sandar. Posted June 27, edited.

loothog 2.4.3 addon

There is a list of 2. Cartographer – World Map addon, uncovers the entire world map and adds extra feaures. Moved this thread to the new addons forum.


Posted July 5, Last edited by Harambeqt; at Unlocking 2.4.33 thread, if you have addon requests existing or not or have addons to contribute, post them and a moderator will update the main post. Warmup – shows how much memory is loaded addn spends every addon;! Glad to see it still being maintained! Sorting Sort comments by Newest Sort comments by Oldest. Link is in the main post and on the front page of the website!

Speedy Actions – Makes your spells cast when you press a key down, instead of when you release the key. Here’s a fair list of addons for patch 2. FonTabulous – addon to replace the fonts in the game Diablo, etc.

loothog 2.4.3 addon

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Posted October 27, PowaAuras – Allows for creation of dynamic textures and timers that show when certain events occur. Xperl – Very useful UI frames addon. Posted January 4, I support you Hyldran0 even though im most likely not going to use it!


Just a quick note to say thanks!

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By qwertyuiasdfgh in forum World of Warcraft Guides. Sign up for a new account in our community. Posted January 25, Aloft – Allows for configuration of player name-plates, seems to be the only addon of its kind for TBC. I have loothig of 1.

loothog 2.4.3 addon

It seems A LOT of people want 1.