Right-click LightJockey main installation folder, select properties from the popup menu, click Advanced. Digital audio capabilities For more flexible music capabilities, LightJockey interfaces with WinampTM to play a multitude of digital audio files including MP3. The list shows all fixtures configured in LJ. Programming and downloading to the and Why do my fixtures move too fast when I load sequences to the or ? Short of making sure that the drivers for the video cards are updated, probably not.

lightjockey 2.6

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SimonW, on 2 Nov Posted by hippy at It requires LightJockey 2.

Martin LightJockey Download ()

When visitor click “Download now” button files will downloading directly from official sources owners sites. If you can reproduce the bug at will, please tell us how. RoboScan – Music For Dancing.

lightjockey 2.6

Back up and transferring programs How do I backup my LJ installation? What can I do? Skin and Language Theme: It’s still very snappy and quick, and a good UI can be built with the inbuilt commands.

lightjockey 2.6

LJ and Fixtures 4. My virus scanner has detected virus in some of the LightJockey files — are you spreading virus? The problem is most likely the fixture is not manufactured according to DMX specifications and does not handle a higher Lightjockej refresh rate very well.


How can Lighttjockey setup LJ to use multiple monitors? Soft, Hard and Floppyware. There are currently two versions of the USB interface, the original model and model II — the two models are virtually identical in performance and there is not really any difference between them. Creating OV profiles, is not currently encouraged or supported — but of course no-one can lightjockeg you messing around in the.

LJ has built in profiles for all Martin fixtures — non-Martin fixtures are supported as user-defined profiles see below. The Offline Visualizer connects to LJ using a software protocol layer so no hardware is required to connect the two programs. The official beta usually contains important improvements and features compared to the official version.

Hard to say — it may be that the fixture uses same pin-out as the older Martin fixtures see above in which case you need a phase-reversing cable.

Archives September August July Recent Most likely you or Windows has turned the input volume way down or even disabled the inputs.

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It is also possible to use LightJockey to create memory files files with sequences that can be transferred to the controller — see on-line help. The direct access controller — manufactured by Martin. All versions since 1. Short of making sure that the drivers for the video cards are updated, probably not. Just click the free Lightjockey 2 download button at the lightjoc,ey left of the page.


LightJockey is currently available as 4 different packages: Ask in the LightJockey end-user forum if anybody has a profile for your fixture or can help you making one. The infection originates from the PC that was used to download a new LJ version, or from floppy disks used to store the download make sure to check those as well.

LightJockey Help

Installation and Introduction to Programming. Sep 29 And a show-saver backup feature ensures that your shows won’t be lost.

These hooks lightjovkey largely undocumented — for more information ask your questions on the LightJockey end-users forum.

lightjockey 2.6

Posted 07 November – LJ is designed to run on Windows using the small fonts settings.