I am guessing you are talking about something that I am under a NDA so I wont say any more but read the docs. It is an automated process. If you have any other questions feel free to email me. Please enter a title. I used the LeoStream product a very long time ago so I dont know if it has changed or not. Does anyone know which flavor of Linux? Any comment is appreciate it.

leostream p2v

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We have used P2v and Platespin. MMn, The product may be nice but it seems they have some problems with their pricing. First — I needed to have Virtual Server installed on my target system no problem. LeoStream has proven that this can be a simple and painless process for the end user. Two hours later and with no intervention from me the system was merrily running in a virtual machine — which I could run directly under Virtual PC with no changes. This was my first leeostream working with a dedicated virtualization platform that ran at the bare-metal hypervisor level.

I am not interested in buying a full data center license. Does anyone know which flavor of Linux? If you have any other questions feel free to email me.

State of P2V and V2V Solutions – Jason Pearce

This was very simple — and after asking me a few questions what network configuration I wanted, etc it was p2g an running. And virtual-to-virtual V2V is very similar, only you are converting a virtual server on one virtual platform — say VMware — to another virtual platform such as XenServer. We had to keep a previous version of platespin around to p2v nt 4 servers running sp4. As for the bit P2V conversions, they went rather well. In fact — the only nit-pick I could find with the process was that it did not automatically install the Virtual Machine Additions for me.


I always want to know what errors people see.

leostream p2v

It did succesfully perform the p2v but the app did not report a success. I cost I cannot remotely justify.

leostream p2v

I agree the support is good and I know that the support I give is good too since I work for a Premier Platespin partner. The Leostream Acronis option prepares the origin machine for Acronis so that after the disks have bee cloned and the Virtual Server restarted, the transplanted OS will boot successfully.

This was very straight forward — and left me with a LeoStream service running on my box. You don’t have JavaScript enabled.

leostream p2v

In January, my main project at work was to set up three XenServer Enterprise servers and to convert some of our physical machines into virtual machines. No discussion groups to rely upon either. leostrema

Ben — are you guys listening? And since I know you Platespin guys read these forums, you really need to get with whoever is in charge of licensing packages – you are losing business!! Just like Leostream, PowerConvert was incompatible with bit versions of Windows My understanding is that if you are interested in buying a full data center license, you can normally obtain an evaluation copy, if you are just interested in a pack or lekstream, they tend to make this l2v to evaluate.


And is not easily editable. Platespin has greater support of hardware to P2v. A while ago I talked about how to manually migrate a physical computer to a virtual machine.

The newer version of platespin does not support NT servers running sp4. Sorry for any confusion.

Playing around with LeoStream P2V

Microsoft VSMT can do this. But given that you have guaranteed success with no frustration or wasted time — it is pretty tempting. Automated virtual server reboot – At the end of the Direct conversion process the virtual server will automatically reboot into the converted Windows operating system. At the bottom is a technical preview of XenConvert 2 which not only consolidates XenConvert 1 and v2xva, but also adds experimental support for Server and x I can’t blame them for dumping support for NT 4 SP4.