Do you think it is good choice to use? I’m not sure is it fully functional or not. Please copy the following text into a bug report:. Ask Ubuntu works best with JavaScript enabled. Done make is already the newest version 4.

ldoce5 viewer

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I have a question, when I click the sound button, there is no sound I can hear, how to solve this problem?

No module named ‘PyQt5. Indexing was done, dictionary is fully functional.

Fast, Free Viewer App for the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English

Simply add a history tab for headwords, phrases and collocations. Amapola Sep 3, at How do we handle problem users? At no time do I intend to infringe any copyrights for I do own my own versions, either already installed in my pc or paper-based, and will not share the data with any one.


You are using a bit old version of Ubuntu and Qt, so you found some problems of my app. Thanks in advance for your time.

ldoce5 viewer

I live in Poland. I think that when I first heard about it it only had a windows version…. Taku Mar 30, at The dictionary is launched with the ldoce5 file in the folder.

Download – LDOCE5 Viewer

So I am envisioning an ambitious project: This application is a milestone in dictionaries for advanced learners. Total delta 0reused 0 delta 0viewre Receiving objects: Getting to the point.

ldoce5 viewer

Please try it by yourself. Leave a Comment Click here to cancel vifwer. The Antimoon Blog Thoughts for serious language learners. First, thank you God for people like Taku Fukada and their creativity, knowledge and skills. Thank you guys for making it free for the world.

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Charles Feb 27, at 2: Sign up using Facebook. Michael Mar 23, at 4: I vuewer the Readme file. First time, the app worked fine now again asking for rrecreating index files.


Jigit Mar 19, at KubuntuUser Mar 24, at 7: To do it, just open your Synaptic and write the names in the search window to check if they are present in the system. Linuks Mint KDE 4.

Fast, Free Viewer App for the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English

What am I supposed to do? Usually this method is not recommended, but we want to make software working again without functionality loss. Its content is brilliant but the search engine is sluggish…Furthermore, scrolling sucks…. Done make is already the newest version 4.