New heroes appears on every Sunday Working Freya Armors, Wepons, Jewels. There are 3 instance types: So you don’t need rebuff. Net – All rights reserved.

l2 scryde

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There are custom farming zones with custom drops.

This is a reliable project that has been functioning for three years with an average daily online of over a thousand users on each of the servers. How to add us on Discord:. Every map has some ownable crystals which can be taken by standing nearby.

A special NPC that spawns twice per day. We are always ready to help you sctyde any issues. You can install it from this page. When a map ends, a player killed most enemies will be rewarded with a special prize. There are a special raid bosses tower, where defeated 4 bosses will take you to the main server boss – Baium.

LINEAGE 2 SCRYDE private server

To get a Hall your clan needs to win an auction. So we can provide you with any amount.


l2 scryde

When player dies 2 or more times times in a row, a special bonus buff appears on him. In this server all action takes a place in Elven Village territory, so you will not get borred. Current working automatic events: Players are rewarded for every kill.

First 5 players registered for the event and player who makes first kill will scrryde additional rewards when event ends. CHAOS – a short time map where all players are fighting between each other. Players can change their faction but there are few conditions. There are custom farming zones with custom drops.

There are fully working Clans system. New heroes appears on every Sunday Easy, Merciless and Bloody.

General Info:

Maximum enchant in olympiad: Our unique feature which can change your character’s visual look. Buy Gold Coins simply – enter the character’s name and the number of Coins, then click on the “Pay” button and complete the payment. After this time Clan Hall will be putted to auction again. Here you can buy a Masterwork weapons, change the type of armor and buy other useful items. Download through torrent for 7 minutes one for Gracia and High Five.


Buy Adena Scryde

When clicking on player you scyrde see him detailed stats: Download and install it Download torrent client Download client from Google Download client from site. More information about it can be found in the game. Easy, Merciless and Bloody. If you want to know more info about other player or monster, just click on it while pressing Shift button.

Maximum enchant in olympiad: To increase your clan level, clan must have at least 10 members.

l2 scryde

Working Freya Armors, Wepons, Jewels.