While, the teacher says to Safiyyah to marry him but she says to take care of people but he refuses. Parvez tells her that she should pray for a baby and she accepts to pray that Parvez should be a father. A boy says that he apologize for his mistake and says that he loves her and says that he knows all story of their home. While her daughter Farhat comes saying that her cat John has died from car falling. He becomes extremely shocked to see Saba coming from outsied. She says her that why his sons and daughters are not coming because her daughter comes many times and he must recall his children so that he can prevent sadness. Mehru comes and says her that doctor has said that she has multiple issues.

He beats her long and asks why she hadn’t told her that it is their child. One day, Aaliya applies for her job at an office which turns out to be his college friend Faisal’s Ahmad Zeb. Will get neighbors play, the plate is thrown to her. They admit him to hospital while Zebo’s father comes and gives her money. She says to her son that he has again made her face black by neighbours. Farhana writes that she has seen Arsalan and fallen in love with him. While again, her father says her that an old woman has come into hospital and is living in her last breaths and is sure to die soon.

Parez and his mother plan to give divorce from Shazia, but he didn’t give him but when she said him that she will never allow him or second marriage, he immediately divorces her.

Her mother says that like her aunt she wants that she should die. Once, he touches her while buying milk. They both again think that perhaps they will not be able to watch next abqi of a drama.

They both feel sad on their homes. And she further says that after that daughter-in-law lived in her brother’s home. She makes “Sheermall” for them and cries and says that if her father would be alive, she would not be like this but Aasiya says that when he was alive, he would made her cry and says that no one loves each other with heart and soul and tries to grab other’s property like foster brother.


Fariya came in home that marriage is not hhain because if she will go then home’s expenditure who will pay? Alam as Jamaal Ep: He says her that life has changed like waking up for office, taking coffee.

She is scared and sadly weeps.

Laila listens it from them and messages to Hadi that she will meet with him the college day. On next day, she comes with angerness and says that he was her hateful brother and not a lover that she should marry him. Again she follows kihni drama that a girl cuts her vein and waits for Hadi but he doesn’t come and he lwtest sitting with another girl and she waits every moment for him.

Kitni Girhain Baqi Hain Episode 1 Full HD HUM TV Drama 30 October 2016

She refuses and goes to van. Finally they live a happy life yirhain tell this to Ayaz. She gives her more food but she amuses.

Saba goes with her friend. Next day, he calls her name but she leaves his home saying that he was wrong that she need money but instead she has all that she needed.

Wardrobe video is done by Deepak Perwani. He comes next time and she says that her mother is ill since morning and Atif decides to rest there. When she comes there, she finds some toys there. He keeps kitnu for her but she doesn’t come to him so he goes inside to check what’s happening. Parvez tells her that she should pray for a baby and she accepts to pray that Parvez should be a father.

Kitni Girhain Baqi Hain – Meri Apu (Complete) on Hum TV – video dailymotion

While, Meena comes from bus and waits for him but he doesn’t come, she goes to PCO for calling him. Arsalan’s sister chooses a room for herself while Arsalan decides on his grandfatheepr’s room. She says to kill him and pushes him and he dies. When she goes to hospital, her father says to her that doctor died because he get fall from truck into bike.


As she wanted, girain thanks her and goes to call him and says him that she cannot come but he insists her so she comes there in uniform. Fariya’s mother says to her husband that again they are saying to give their daughter to him. Fariya still baiq how she will do and cries loudly that what will be of her home. In hospital, a new doctor comes, a nurse asks her if he has any problem with anything. Her daughter comes with her father and says her that she didn’t even care of her.

When that barrister tells her that she is his wife, that landlord husband mistakenly broke glass. She on next day gets Rs.

Kithi Faria Sheikh and Saif Mehra Mehr refuse her but she decides it because she cannot sleep alone because of dreadful dreams. When she goes, her mother keeps her toys in almari.

She sleeps with her doll.

Kitni Girhain Baaki Hain (season 2) – Wikipedia

Aliya tells the story of the book which she has written. She makes “Khichdi” for him in morning and says him that she has made because of his belly pain. She speaks to him that she is locked but he doesn’t listen. Articles needing cleanup from July All pages needing cleanup Cleanup tagged articles with a reason field from July Wikipedia pages needing cleanup from July Pages using infobox television with editor parameter Articles containing Urdu-language text. He says that this is a very good thing and she can buy one lawn three-piece suit per month.