Interestingly, the film has a mainland Indian name as its title. On the technical side, there is hardly anything noteworthy to write home. The Film Forum expressed their disapproval towards a character in the film who wanted to have chicken soup. Of the many albums that Pahari released during his lifetime, Undying Melodies is considered to be the magnum opus. The director had tried to explain to the Forum that in the beginning of the song the couple was dating and by the end of the song, they were married and had a child. He was the one who spoke the opening dialogue in Manipuri. Their role in the evolution of our cultural history becomes all the more remarkable. Thampha, like in a daydream, leaves everything to become an initiate of the sect.

It was April 9 in Produced-directed by the couple Chandam Shyamacharan and Chandam Manorama Devi, their fourth celluloid film. Manipur joined in the race of filmmaking in India seventy-five years late. She had rule Manipuri cinema till the day she passed away last year. The following Manipuri films were also screened in celebrated International Film Festivals around the globe. She essayed a difficult role almost to perfection by not giving in to the loudness of melodramatic acting. But the masterpiece of AS Sharma and one of the most original films of Indian cinema is indisputably Ishanou

It must have been a record for any regional film industry for its first film experiment to be getting recognised in such a manner. And Seema still reminds us that she is one of our incredible performers. Retirement from the service did not stop the acting career of Manglem. Towards the end of the War, better organised cinema halls came up. Here we seek your co-operation.

Manipuri films are often close imitations of Hindi-Urdu commercial films in form, if not the content. Women in Manipuri cinema are always put from the male gaze. Manglem was highly motivated to be an artiste by Loitam Yaima, a Moirang Parva artiste, who happened to be his neighbor. It is engaged in setting up film laboratory, studio, production of Manipuri lamkel, instituting awards and festivals for fikm institutes in film technology for helping film societies etc.


Rudimentary and makeshift film show houses were established in Manipur a few years before the second World War. The film was Imagi Ningthem, based on a radio play written by M.

Nongmaithem Pahari

Khelen Thokchom [2] writes that there were no local language films after that, till Manglem said that adherence to strict discipline and respect to elders is essence of artistes. Yengkhom Roma is one of the top actresses of Manipur, and the female lead of first Manipuri feature film Matamgi Manipur. Even Manipur conceived the idea of making films way back in In the beginning of the Indian Cinema, exhibitors were the main patrons in making films.

He said that it was hard for him to act in dramas, films amidst his busy office schedule; however, he coped with every odd to fulfill his passion for art.

Man can have wives where the second wife is considered as villains by the family. Narayan Sharma, Deven, Manglem and Rashi.

Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. The same is true of the tribal dialects.

Nongmaithem Pahari – Wikipedia

Producers, directors and artistes with theatrical backgrounds strove at making film. The most notable of these international film festivals was the Festival of Festivals at Toronto in When Joy dies the villagers prevent the funeral rights from being carried out.


Devkumar Bose,the husband Robindro Sharmaa working man and only earning member of a family of five heads, has stayed with a Mistress Rashi bringing hardship to the family. Manipuri film director Aribam Syam Sharma won an award each in the feature and non-feature categories, a rare feat for a filmmaker. A middle ground has been struck which seeks to satisfy both the filmmakers and the UGs. The Lamiel Cinema is today one hundred years old and the Manipuri cinema is just over twenty five.

National Awards Film

But “if you support it [censorship] at one level, it is going to come khurhang and bite you at another level,” she said. But the masterpiece of AS Sharma and one of the most original films of Indian cinema is indisputably Ishanou Of the tally of thirty Manipuri feature films, counting from Matamgi Manipur to Khamba Thoibi, ten films had been written by women writers.

Manipur also needs trained and professional cine artists. He also said that filmmakers cannot give English or mainland Indian names to their mannipuri, but only local Manipuri ones. Manipur joined khutang the race of filmmaking in India seventy-five years late.

Needless to say, the Manipuri film producers are inspired by the love of the medium and the art rather than for commercial consideration.

After a period of Bollywood films dominating the cinema houses in Manipur, some clandestine organizations imposed cultural regimentation and banned screening of Indian movies there.