The abode of auspicious and pure virtues! Retrieved from ” https: Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. This page was last edited on 3 December , at Full text in Samskrit Text. Kamalakanta the husband of Kamala! Wake up, the divine daily rituals have to be performed.

kashi vishwanath suprabhatam

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Thus here is the Suprabhatam of the Lord of Vrishachala! Subbulakshmi is extremely kaxhi [1] [2] which is played daily in many homes and temples of South India. Bridge to cross the ocean of transmigration samsara! Glossary of Hinduism terms Hinduism portal.

The humming swarm of bees are sucking honey and emerging from the interiors of the lotuses of the adjoining pools, in order to serve Thee.

Lakshmi, the beloved of the Lord of Vrsacala, with eyes like lotus petals, with a bright face like the Moon, who is worshipped by Vani, Girija and Pulomaja the wives of Brahma, Sankara and Indra and who is very compassionate.

The abode of auspicious and pure virtues! Kamalakanta the husband of Kamala! On seeing the crests of Thy temple tower, the mortals, who are attempting to attain the exalted paths of Heaven and Liberation, feel like living on in the mortal world, as it gives them the opportunity of worshipping Thee.

Sunlight is approaching in the East. This article needs additional citations for verification.


kashi vishwanath suprabhatam

Thy devotees, whose heads are sanctified by the dust of Thy feet, being in Thy presence, do not desire Heaven or Liberation, but are worried that another kalpa will start, when there will be no such glory to Venkatachala!

Brahma, Shiva, Sanandana and several others have bathed in purified water. Main traditions Vaishnavism Shaivism Shaktism Smartism. Part of a series on. Retrieved from ” https: Wake up, the divine daily rituals have to be performed.

The Brahmins, well-versed in the Vedas, are now joyfully waiting to worship you.

Suprabhatam – Wikipedia

One whose glory is known through the Upanishads! The sage, Narada, is playing sweet music with his veena, and, in fine language, is singing praises of Thy endless deeds, gracefully waving his other hand. It is a collection of hymns or verses recited early morning to awaken the deity in Hinduism. The Gods, like the five-headed Brahma, Subrahmanya, Shiva, and Indra are praising the deeds of your incarnation as the Trivikramavatara.

Sanskrit Wikisource has original text related to this article: The parrots in their cages are opening their eyes, and graciously singing, after eating the remains of the plantain fruits and the payasam in the vessels.

This article contains Indic text. The chief of the Gods! By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The ocean of nectar of compassion and other virtues!


kashi vishwanath suprabhatam

Without proper rendering supportyou may see question marks or boxesmisplaced vowels or missing conjuncts instead of Indic text. Brahma,the great sages and the good Yogins as Sanandana are waiting at Thy abode, with auspicious offerings in their hands.

While the womenfolk of the hamlet of cowherds churn the curds, the loud sounds and echoes emanating from the pots seems like as if the pots and the eight directions are quarrelling.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The breeze, carrying the wonderful fragrance of the partly opened lotuses, and the beautiful trees like the Areca and Coconut, is blowing gently.

Siva, Indra, Agni, Yama, Nairuti, Varuna, Vayu and Kubera, with folded hands placed on their heads, are desirous of offering service to thee.

kashi vishwanath suprabhatam

One having a charming form on account of the chest which is the kashj of Sri Lakshmi! They are carrying golden pots on their heads that are filled with the water of the Divine Ganges Akasa Gangawhich has been rendered fragrant by mixing cardamom, cloves and camphor in it.