It is not infrequent that a Middle Eastern Salafi scholar s is invited to give a lecture muhadarah. He is also a keen listener of Rodja Radio. Since the demise of its founder, patronage within the Yemeni network has changed considerably. After the dissolution of Laskar Jihad, the sururi issue remained significant in Salafi rivalries. The website is managed by Dzulqarnain and his group. Similarly, Al-Madinah FM says:

kajian ust asykari

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In short, this media business has become of the utmost importance, both for mobilisation for dakwah and for making money. The question was raised by his Indonesian students who were still studying at his school in Yemen.

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askari Unfortunately, Hasan does not explain why they needed to give more clarification to al-Madkhali only after the fatwa had been issued. Some founders or managers of the station were criticised for this. One point is the question of authority, that is, to whom a listener must refer when searching for religious guidance.

Ahlus Sunnah diantara Dakwah Luqman ba Abduh, cs.


It is a general tahdhir. Indonesian Students in Pakistan and Yemen. Sentilan buat Ustadz Askari dan Para Pengikutnya. Moving images have been contested by both Salafis and non-Salafis.


His answer was in the negative. Therefore, as long ist the intention and method are good, there is no problem with such pursuit of an academic degree.

kajian ust asykari

Some held that preachers of Rodja Radio were hizbiyin. This initiative follows the sweeping operation launched by Balai Monitoring Monitoring Bureauan agency under the Kajiab of Communication and Information in charge of monitoring radio and television airwaves.

The letter anticipated the planned visit of a number of Yemeni ulama s to Indonesia. Hanik ibn Buraik himself received a tahdhir from a number of ulama s in Yemen, including al-Salimi.

kajian ust asykari

Contextualising this explanation, Jauhari reminded his audience of the broken agreement of the reconciliation. These pesantren s are different from those traditional ones attached to the NU Nahdlatul Ulamaand resemble the modernist ones organised by organisations like Al-Irsyad, Persis Islamic Union and Muhammadiyah. Both formed their own groups. Similarly, there is no single authority for Salafis.

In this article, we are dealing with the purist. The agreement urged them to stop making tahdhir against their fellow Salafis. A tahdhir can take various forms of criticism. This network consisted of those former students of the Dar kjaian school in Dammaj, Yemen.

kajian ust.abu karimah asykari

Baabduh himself had received a tahdhir from al-Hajuri. A number of studies on Salafism in Indonesia have focused on modern media usage by Salafis. To explain this, al-Maidany cited Kzjian.


kajian ust asykari

The central issue I hope to address here is that of religious authority. This man loves much to make fun [of shaikhs ], and imitates the Halabi ways in making deception makar. All of them are within the Luqman Baabduh network. After the dissolution of Laskar Jihad, the sururi issue remained significant in Salafi rivalries.

The Internet online radio station www. This article investigates how Salafi dakwah radio stations in Surakarta have become an important medium for such contestation of authority. It seems to me that it is part of Salafi indoctrination. In a dauraha prominent Salafi teacher is invited to chair the workshop, to help the participants study a certain theme more deeply.

The two other types are run by former Laskar Jihad members. Thereafter the Hindu failed to convert to Islam.