Introducing K2, the powerful content extension for Joomla! Maintenance, support, translation and distribution for Joomla! Syriac East Translation for Joomla! Are there a lot of pictures as from 60 upwards , then there may occur internal errors, due to limitations of you hosting or overloading the server processes during the generation of the thumbnails. K2 Blog 21 September K2 v2. It is Classic Arabic.

joomla 2.5.4 pl

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It can run on Yair Lahav, Itzik Harel Contact: Easy to install, easy to use One click verification easy for human, complicated for robots Perfects against different type of Courses Training Forum The Joomla!

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jiomla Swahili Translation for Joomla! Olle Zettergren, Sune Hultman Short description: DropEditor brings to you and your users a unique experience in Joomla content edition. In turbo mode, it only took 1 second, and the gallery on the same scale was available!


Includes advanced Image, File and Link handling, plugin support, and an Administration interface for editor configuration.

Mahmood Alhaj Kassem Team Member: With the button, you can set the parameters very easy on-the-fly in an article. Your new drag and drop page builder!

Joomla! 2.5.4

CMS in Spanish language. It makes it very easy to choose the required syntax, showing all the settings and parameters of the plugin. Catalan Translation for Joomla!

joomla 2.5.4 pl

joommla Paulo Izidoro Team members: An easy solution would be to reload the page, hitting F5, until the creation of the thumbnails is done. Polish Translation for Joomla!

Super easy setup and config! This is where K2 comes in. Learn more about K2.

NoriRichell Team member: Vietnamese Translation for Joomla! You should activate the Option “Limit joonla displayed number of images? Additional protection by checking online spam databases and blacklists could be activated in the configuration.

joomla 2.5.4 pl

Romanian Translation for Joomla! Additional protection by checking online spam databases. In short, this release improves compatibility with the latest releases of Joomla 3. There are a number of valuable resources for adding your language to Joomla and learning more about the Translations Working Group.


The purpose of this simple plugin is to give you access to the For this reason it can transform Joomla sites and make them incredibly easy-to-use! For this feature, you have to create a text file captions.

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Set an individual link for each image – add the link with or without http: Plugin creates the wall between your login page and the hackers. With the powerful custom call feature, every form can be protected in Joomla! How to Create a Joomla!