The sight of the Peshwa paying tax on native soil disturbs Manu. Manu urges Indu to reject the alliance, which Vahini overhears. Bejoy asks why they ran away watching him there? Wish there was more shows like this! Nana asks them to fulfil their bet, but George refuses to do so. Laxmibai decides to expose Karma before the villagers, but Karma tells her that no one will believe her.

As Mr Manson, the Bithur collector, reveals the tax policy to the hapless Peshwa at his durbar, a martial Manu beats the Kanpur commissioner’s racist nephew. I have been looking for Jhansi ki Rani Season 2. Meanwhile, Gangadhar Rao Newalkar, the king of Jhansi, some of whose bi-religious relatives are his frenemies, is told by his aide that the Britons have crushed the Chirgaon ruler’s revolt. Madhvi promises to take care of her, Amma ji makes her sit there. Ganga accuses Prabha for bribing a man in hospital. Though Indu is barred from seeing her future husband by Vahini as it is believed to be inauspicious, she, Manu and all the female attendants of the peshwaship participate in a song-and-dance activity. Golu says this is the last challenge. Sagar wakes up at once, they hurry towards home.

Mata ji insists that she has the devil soul. The kids were being followed as they come inside a godown. She questions Amma ji where is that Ghunghat wali mata and Krishna, and accuses them for going blind behind her. A calm Vahini later explains to Manu how marriages unite diverse families, that the groom’s character is relevant and not his age. I love the show on Netflix and wood love to see all of the show but it just gives me season 1.

Really a drag to not get more episodes.

Amma ji promises to share everything with her. She says she brought Mishti to let Shorabh and Ronita get spend some time together. Golu accepts about stealing the money and phone. Posted by TheUpdatersoftelenovelasgh at 5: Vaishali’s mother rwni Manu outside the puja venue and lauds her bravery even while lamenting the society’s patriarchy.


Amma ji says she came an hour before. Manu not only memorises them but also grasps their meanings, which unsettles Vahini. She informs her humiliated father that the Indian patriots’ mistreatment by the British is far worse. Get the rest of the seasons. There, Ganga comes out of washroom and notices Sagar being disturbed by the sun.

I also just finished watching season 1 of Jhansi Ki Rani and enjoyed and now waiting for Season 2 with English subtitles. Though Indu is barred from seeing her future husband by Vahini as it is believed to be inauspicious, she, Manu and all the female attendants of the peshwaship participate in a song-and-dance activity. Her mother brings biryani for her she had seperately taken for her.

My favorite serial jashi ki rani I love jashi ki rani serial. Mata ji comes there and assure to make everything fine till tomorrow.

Rani Rashmoni

Madhvi tells her that Mata ji took Krishna. Shorabh breaks into cry, he was afraid how he will work so hard after eating alot. Ganga question why they let her go with them alone. Jhansi Ki Rani All Episodes. She says she is sure Shorabh must be happy. She questions about them, then shocked to read they are positive for Krishna.

But Manu is heartbroken when Nana is chosen over her to ride an elephant. I also watched Songbird, loved it.

Ganga was worried about arranging the money. Please make available rest of the episodes, I watched uptoI need rest of it. Golu and Suha run away from the park and hide themselves. Just finished season 1 and i loovved it!! Mata ji asks them to make Krishna seated near the fire of Pooja.


Prabha brings a bundle of money to a man. In the way, Krishna asks Madhvi why they are going to temple.

Jhansi Ki Rani – 16th July 2010 Watch Online – pt1

Radha was upset and says they must all make their share to take care of children. Bejoy asks why they ran away watching him there? The British, on seeing the arrows, assume a revolt is in the offing.

At the Peshwa’s durbar, Mr Manson doubts his loyalty and sees Manu’s arrow’s deadliness. At a mela, as Manu sees Vaishali’s anklet with Nana, a quarrel erupts between Tatya Tope and bigoted British horsemen. She confronts British officials for jhanai mistreating natives though Vahini had told her that they are helpless British slaves.

Jhansi Ki Rani – 16th July Watch Online – pt1 – video dailymotion

Christina, the wife of Kanpur’s new commissioner Mr Moreland, is in awe of Manu. As she grow ups, she despises the British rule in India and takes the form of Kranti Guru to combat it.

To prove his words, Karma pretends to search Laxmibai’s hut, and finds a part of the treasure, which he had himself planted there. She laughs victoriously while leaving the temple. Golu wish they had left earlier, now they will be found out.