This film was shot like a well done student film, contrary to the subject it’s about. Watched to say I watched it That haul is especially impressive considering it opened in just North American theaters, translating [ In recent tragic and life altering events in my city, my home El Paso, Texas; I decided to revisit this film that unfortunately romanticizes mass shootings. Mass extinction isn’t the solution. A young man goes postal in a small US town centre but in a disturbingly well-orchestrated manner. You will like a Uwe Boll movie.

jessica de rooij rampage

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In this movie, the antagonist Bill Williamson has a vague ideology, nonspecific targets, and a relatively stable career as a mechanic. Genres action drama crime thriller mystery. Directed, written roouj Uwe Boll.


I saw something in one of my feeds about a sequel to the one good Uwe Boll film being brilliant. Boredom of incessant loud noises is avoided for me by addition of nice little scenes like when he’s circling a bingo game or rooiu he’s exasperated Falling Down-style by a takeaway coffee. Advertise About Tips Contact Us. This movie is sick. Mass extinction isn’t the solution.

jessica de rooij rampage

Feeling constrained and claustrophobic in the meaningless drudgery of everyday life and helpless against overwhelming global dissolution, Bill begins a descent into madness. From here on out, I am only watching movies directed by Uwe Boll. Rampge wrote a whole paragraph based essay, but decided to just say, nothing.


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Working from a treatment instead of a script, Boll relies on his cast to improvise their way through the simplistic story. First Stoic, now Rampage; has my life reached an era in which I’m nearing the point of labeling myself an “Uwe Boll fan”?

You heard it from me first, Uwe Boll can be a good filmmaker if he tries. His outburst is the result of careful planning, as he suits up in full Kevlar body armor and using the seemingly random execution of complete strangers to cover for a bank robbery. They weren’t lying when they called this movie it’s a mad mad mad mad world.

This review was originally written on March 4,for my Deviantart page. Police and the general public are slain in a hail of bullets and occasional bombing. A young man goes postal in a small US town centre but in a disturbingly well-orchestrated manner. The unique film, which follows the adventures of a severed hand as it tries to find its way back to its body through the subways and streets of Paris, won [ Uwe Boll is getting angrier.

Laws need to be changed, but until ill-willed motives are changed; keep safe, it’s a fucking hideous world. Mathias Neumann frames his unsteady footage super-tight, punishing the audience as he whips the camera around a given scene.


We’re in trouble, people. An extension of his blameless professional class parents, it would seem the most upsetting thing in Bill’s life is sub-par customer service. When you hear about some young white kid shooting a bunch of people its motivation lies on a gradient between serious unaddressed mental illness and radical political mission.

Surprisingly on the nose social commentary about grim suburban hopelessness and capitalism destroying the western world from UWE BOLL of all people.

The boredom of small town life is eating Bill Williamson alive. Premier Logo Created with Sketch. This film was shot like a well done student film, contrary to the subject it’s about.

jessica de rooij rampage

That’s right, we’re talking about Rampage. Event Film Distribution Amok Productions.

Rampage Soundtrack (2009) OST

This man is angry and crazy? Rather excited to check out Rampage 2. Reviewed at Fantastic Fest, Austin, Sept.

jessica de rooij rampage