Download Nice social bookmark and install it. I tried several facebook modules for a client but even the ones that claimed to be responsive weren’t fully responsive. Firstly, you should have a look at several types of extensions I will mention today, categorized by functionality:. BT Media Gallery is full-featured multimedia component for Joomla. Rate this blog entry: Joomla Extensions Directory – extend your Joomla website.


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BT Content Showcase is best content showcase solution for Joomla. Finally did you notice that we use social media buttons?


You can then configure which channels appear using Module manager. However you must type the color code without the and there is no color picker. Twitter Twitter is the second most popular social media channel at the moment. Copyright – JoomlaShine. With friendly CPanel being equipped, you find easy to manage article statistics and message logs.

It helps you to present Joomla articles, K2 items It helps display your featured products in beautiful Flipbook Slide or Accordion effects. It allows you to easily display images with many animation itpfaceboiklikebox on responsive websites. Rate this blog entry: Extensions Product Packages Free Joomla!


You can download RokComments and install it like other extensions. Even you are a Joomla newbie; you will find it easy to use this extension. BT Social Login is the module allows registration from social network Facebook, Twitter and Google by the easiest way. Moreover, Stalker can display icons anywhere on the site: You can change the platforms whenever you want without new extension installations as well as choose the menus sections or categories to display in the comment area.



Subscribe for The lastest news Follow our newsletter to join a big part of Joomla Community. Main features are social auto submission including Facebook and Twittersocial log in and registration, and add-on social widgets. One of the best ways to promote your articles is to put bookmark itpfacebookliebox share buttons for each blog post.

That’s the reason why Itpfacegooklikebox use a Joomla social extension. Twitter was born long before Facebook so there are many more Twitter display extensions available than for Facebook. BT Facebook like box, a Joomla 2.

Any products and services provided through this site are not supported or warrantied by The Joomla! It’s not difficult to find an extension to display a FB fan box as there are plenty of them. Choosing and configuring the comment system just takes about igpfacebooklikebox minute. One of my favourites is Twitter Show.

This approach is very popular, so many Joomla extensions support the functionality. Which extensions are you using for your site?


Free Joomla 2.5 extensions to connect to social media

However in my opinion, it’s too simple and doesn’t encourage people to share your articles. Registration is required for you to Download Stalker but don’t worry it’s all free. Author’s recent posts More posts from author Tuesday, 20 November [Google Analytics tutorials] Detailed guideline to improve traffic to Joomla site.

So which social extension can be used in this case? In addition to essential features including management of properties, categories, locations and agents; BT Property allows users to create custom extra fields by groups, and supports with Google Map, OpenStreetMap and advanced search.


BT Social Connect is a multi-task social networking tool for Joomla. Unfortunately I still have to fix an issue, in which Joomla 2. JoomlaShine and this site is not affiliated with or endorsed by The Joomla!