To restore iOS 4. Try using ireb http: I tried restore my iphone just like you said with a custom iOS 4. Follow this guide http: I solved this error by enter DFU mode and again..

ireb r4 for ios 4.x.x

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June 22, at 2: In this scenario, the best option is to restock stock iOS 4. But i then get error I have double checked the setting on TU Sometime when i am lucky and passthen get error. The irebr5 is for the 4 iphone I have the 4s. It has a baseband 4. I actually had it replaced, since the cable that came with the iPhone broke. Make sure that your using a custom cooked IPSW for the restore. Disconnect your iPhone to PC or Mac 2. I don’t see how Apple’s newer devices can pack so much more speed.

ireb r4 for ios 4.x.x

What about a pwned DFU mode? Once done, chances are that you will be back to the DFU loop.

Fix iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS and 4, Restore Error easily! ~ Farey

I have tried the three option that you suggested… Ierb TinyUmbrella http: In the same time, jailbreaking is performed only if you install custom firmware on your smart device. Try TinyUmbrella Normal http: July 29th, at Both these tools allow you to preserve baseband on iPhone 4, thus making a later unlock possible with Ultrasn0w 1.


A simple Google would tell you the same. Now, a simple iREB download allows you to restore firmware on the following devices: Is my iphone abit messed up?

iREB RC3 For iOS 4.2.1 Released, Fixes iTunes 16xx Errors While Restoring To Custom IPSW

It just stays on the snowflake logo until the battery dies. Restored with the custom IPSW created by snowbreeze, and it keeps giving me an error code of 21…Never experienced this error code before.

You need to download the iOS 4 based firmware to get the real thing. I just wanna thank you guys so much.

ireb r4 for ios 4.x.x

How can I use it? Try again and i get an error Im german and ioa been confusing all long. I forgot to add that this is the method i tried http: I have altered the hosts file; looked at internet and firewall configs and basically prayed to every being there is — PLEASE can you help.

ireb r4 for ios 4.x.x

I manage to store to 4. When Apple Logo appear press home and power, only press home botom and logo iTunes Restore conect to iTunes and Ioss Press and hold Shift then click on Restore 9. Hi there my Itouch 4g is stuck on the recovery loop my touch has been jailbroken.


Hey my iPhone 4 start now after 80 mints w8ting, but sim card not supported, why??? Yes, i think i went into a recovery loop. Launch the application and choose the Online mode, which requires an internet connection. Do you still get Error inspite of the settings set from TU?

You can give it a try http: