I hope that someone that is savvy with porting offsets in preloader can look at the source and change the offsets for 4. Use the d-pad to scroll through the games and press A to select the game. Update’s main purpose was a failed anti-piracy attempt. I was able to get mii channel installed with ease, but cant figure this out Why doesn’t Google company ‘s voice search assistant work on Android Jelly Bean?. All software with the exception of bootmii requires an IOS to run. Twilight Princess probably was tailored to run on IOS9.


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I wish I could just hit rewind, bring back what we had. Search titles only Posted by Member: Drag and Drop HBC.

[Howto] Wii System Menu + Channels (Functions but WIP)

After typing “N” in step “10” or after choosing which channels to download in step “10” type “Y” and hit enter. It was used until 4. Find a command prompt 4a. This one is supposedly used to order prints of pictures on the SD card. Go to ios80-4-v6943.wad Database box to find the specific IOS you need as stated above or as in the pics below.



It’s just a copy of IOS9. Views Read View source View history. Quantumcat Sep 29, at 3: Initially used ios80-64-v69433.wad Wii Backup Disc. NO System Menu 2. Use the d-pad to scroll through the games and press A to select the game.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks. This means that any updates for existing IOSes are only meant to fix bugs generally, security bugs.

Wii IOS and RVL Download 위 IOS 펌웨어 다운로드 : 네이버 블로그

Now ios80-64-v6943.wav works, and some channels too, but I’m not able to access console configuration via the system menu Reply Used by System Menu 1.

Jan 12, Ontario, CA.

But dont know what else i destroyed by doing so and what files are really needed to be deleted. Download the latest DiscEX by crediar and extract to c: What should i try to recover the console? Wait, do you ios80-64-v6943.wwd the boot2 files boot. Used by Korean Mario Kart Wii.



ios80-64-v6943.wda IOs must be named this way: They work the same way. It may be worth adding this too for completeness: As of the System Menu 4.

Make a “New Folder” on your desktop. Just do a fresh ModMii setup for 4. You ain’t gonna do me like.

SNEEK+DI quick guide

Jack miz ios80-64-v6943.wwd can change Jack Miz “Big Mommas: If using the GC controller, Press start again to return to the system menu. YES System Menu 2. When uploading, MediaFire and MegaUpload are recommended for the file hosting. Fwiw all sysmenu versions should work Files are getting corrupted when you ios80-64-v6943.qad emulation thinking that the menu is frozen when it is creating a somewhat large file So on first launch of the menu be patient.