A direct link to the installation manual when I could find it online. Thanks to Offer Kaye for the tip. Locate a directory similar to this one: He never heard of those. You can also find uncompressed versions by poking around most distributions but be careful, they may be outdated.

instlux ubuntu

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There is usually some isolinux.

[SOLVED] instlux

Camilla goes to the Ubuntu website, she now see a big download button that points her to ubuntu-setup. Gentoo I finally gave one more shot at Gentoo and it looks like I succeeded.

At this point you should see the greetings of the installer. Append the following line to your C: You should now move to the regular installation manual provided by your distribution.

instlux ubuntu

Do a similar guess for GRUB e. Locate a directory similar to this one: Installing the Slackware distribution without any removable media is less convenient than the other distributions mentioned here, because it features no package management tool able to get and install packages directly from the uubntu.

instlux ubuntu

UbuntuSetup last edited Windows ME is unfortunately a very special case. Contact us here if an entry needs to be removed. So unless some are mentioned do assume there are none.


You can also find uncompressed versions by ubbuntu around most distributions but be careful, they may be outdated. Since you are now rushing to instlux to escape the reading of this boring document, let me just remind you to backup your data before doing anything!

The only remaining issue you may encounter is making work this brand new network interface yes, the one you bought without checking its Linux compatibility first.

The tuning options are in the file pxeconfig. Before configuring the network, first manually load the drivers you need using “Kernel modules hardware drivers ” in the menu.

Finally download these two files: Create new account Request new password. The directory should end like this: If you have no clue just pick up the first, default “append” line.

Install GNU/Linux without any CD, floppy, USB-key, nor any other removable media

They look like this: An alternative is to download the whole first CD ISO image on your hard disk as explained in the Installation FAQbut that does mean a long Mo download including some packages you may not need instead of just 45Mo for the whole mandatory A series plus the packages of the N series. Loadlin is a great, old tool able to boot a Linux kernel from DOS without rebooting the hardware. The best mirror for downloading the actual image file is automatically selected by the wizard.


Please send any kind of feedback including english mistakes to Marc.

instlux ubuntu

To remove all that, run: Even better with innstlux Almost all Linux installers I know work the same. Enough disclaimers, time for the real stuff.

Instlux | Linux App Finder

Depending on your version of Windows, there may also be some tools available to help you edit more safely the boot. Don’t trust the outdated ones from the Debian Installation Guide. Online users leara2 teeforte. You probably want to install the one you carefully picked up for the install ubunyu that you are successfully running right now, but you can’t: Go to the Mandriva download pageand pick up from the list a mirror close to you.