I too have the same problem. Subscribe to Thread Page 36 of 64 First 26 34 35 36 37 38 46 Last. If i write or draw at normal speed the jagginess is not visible. Well, there will be a new update sooner or later Greetings, Ender. GravityBox, the all-in-one Android customization tool using Xposed, has been ported to Android 10 September 30, Then snapped the connector and the camera appeared. Sorry for my English translated by google.

inew i6000 firmware rom

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On my device only front 5mpx camera is enabled. Going back to the box now. In the middle of a separation, dumb me flashed some bad roms, now I have no sound coming from the speakers. Then snapped the connector and the camera appeared.

iNew i6000 (and other Chinese 6.45″ FHD phones) – $250

It is better than i expected and worse than i hoped Greetings, Ender. Could it be a build. Its like the driver for the audio is missing.

firmwqre Either way, I need this up and running so I can stay in contact with my daughter. Although even when trying to highlight, it was taking me like 3 to 5 attempts to do it, as the highlight didn’t follow the pen, and you had to try and try again, making it not too usable Right now, I have not access to a computer other than work computer. Which firmware is that?


iNew I6000

Hope you understand now. And speaking about the camera. BUT it is exactly as responsive and fast as if i use my fingertip. Algeo Graphing Calculator is a scientific calculator for more complex engineering and firmwaree problems September 18, Log in to reply. This is probably the most important conclusion: Well writing speed is very individual i supposed.

inew i6000 firmware rom

But insw “ink” is very precise and i can draw rounded symbols or letters without a Problem. Only when i have ear buds in and even then not all of the notifications work. I tried that ROM before but my camera app kept crashing after a few seconds with this one!

iNew I Plus Stock Rom Firmware (Flash File) Download

Change the Android Auto background with Substratum themes September 23, Hello, thank you for the work you did for the rom. If i draw curves or symbols very fast i can see line segments of approx 5mm 0.

For the writing test you mean? These links have been given on the inewmobile website: Hello, to it may concern.

inew i6000 firmware rom

I need to be able to flash this via CWM. Of course its possible that you write MUCH fasterm but the effect was also not a problem when i tried to force it like i wrote above. Any chance of converting this or know where I can find a Official iNew i stock rom that is CWM flashable with root?


iNew I Stock Firmware ROM (Flash File)

Did you news of an updated MIUI rom for this device? I need this rom in its entirety converted so I can install this on my phone. I would rather have the original j6000 with root and cwm flashable.

I just tried to take notes by hand in a PDF reader and then I just tried to manually write some notes on a FreeHand note app. This HAS to depend on the digitizer firjware rate AND the App that is visualizing the result, somake sure you try the exact same app as i dif, will you?

If i write or draw at normal speed the jagginess is not visible. There is no problem to disassemble the phone’s casing with a small phillips screwdriver.